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Sep 19, 2003
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Sorcerer V 1.1 (10-15-04) Additions & Changes
- Added missing Lamp Change switch
- Altered elasticity slightly in some places
- Altered apron graphics to be more correct
- Changed a few metal textures
- Fixed left slingshot animation with new reverse wall light handlers for GI in area
- Added Knocker (thanks to TomB for pointing out the unmarked solenoid)
- Back Wall Eye Flasher made more accurate (doesn't light bricks on the real game due to silver backing on plastic)
- Gameplay tweaked according to Nitrodude's feedback

The table is attached below:

Note, I edited Dude's post trying to make the zip file downloadable but it didn't work. At least the only way I could DL it was to edit the post which made the attachment active. Sorry about that.

Here's a screenshot:


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Cool move Dude. This is one of my favorite VPM tables, and once I get VPM working, I'll play both your and shiva's versions, that's how much I like this game. Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't get the Zip to DL until I tried to edit your post and make it active in the post itself. Needless to say, it didn't work.

What a sneaky way to try to get us to host a flippered table. If you can get it to work, be my guest, but please be selective. We'll gladly host any and all of your work if you morph them into flipperless VPMs. Might be interesting, huh?

Pacdude this looks awesome! I was in the same boat as John and had to re-setup VPM just so I can try this table.
Well, you set the attachment sizes there to 5 MB for zip archives, so I thought it would be OK and might bring in some more traffic (this is Pinball Nirvana now, not just Flipperless isn't it?) since it's advertised elsewhere as available here immediately (whereas there's always a several hour to over a day delay at the other places I uploaded it). I doubt you'll get massive downloads here, but you might get a few new visitors (the link is to the thread, not the file) and at least one other person is downloading VPM because of it (I'll convert YOU guys to VPM tables yet ;) ). I'm not sure why it wouldn't be downloadable; I saw 1 download before I left a few hours ago and before you edited it. "Save As...." often works where a single click might not, so maybe that would work? I did it with 1.0 also and that one seemed to be available without editing (shrug). I'm not sure if you're saying it's available to you now or not, but I clicked on it and it brought up the download requestor as it should (I checked with 1.0 and it has the same requestor). I use Netscape 7.2 if that makes any difference (I don't generally touch Internet Explorer unless I have to for some reason plus I can share the e-mail database and bookmarks between Linux and Win98 with a little pointer work in Linux also using Netscape 7.x there).

If you don't want any table attachments in the future, just say so now. Maybe a temporary allocation until VPF and/or Shivasite has it online could be helpful to some.
Thanks Penguin66. Be sure and try out my Firepower and Fireball Classic tables too (they're of a very similar style to this one).
No problem at all, Dude. Boy do I feel dumb, I didn't even notice the download link, I tried clicking on the title of the zip. That should prove just how non-tech I am. And as long as you don't load all of your tables, and just your updates or new releases, I don't see a problem. At least until shiva is able to get his new server and site up and running. You're a member in good standing here, so feel free to use us to your advantage, so your fans don't go into withdrawal. :p

I'm slowly downloading all of Pacdude's tables. Everything I've seen so far, I've liked. Keep up the great work! :D

BTW, all of you are a fantastic resource. I'm just starting to get into VP, and have ideas for tables I'd like to create, but am still learning a lot. I know that the best way I can get ideas about flow and gameplay is to download and play as many tables as possible. I'm also fortuante because my boss has agreed that having me take some VB scripting classes will be a benefit at work--It's always nice when real life can be used for amusement purposes as well...
Penquin, you might want to check out our Tutorial Download section, there are some helpful demos to help get you started. And any questions you have, just post here, and someone will be able to lend you a hand.

Thanks for the reminder of the tutorial download section. I've been collecting the tutorials from lots of places. I've also noticed that most of the people here are great about providing help--and I've learned that it is better to ask for help than to become frustrated with something that is easy to understand with a little help.
Also, if you haven't, grab the Visual Pinball Guide, which does a pretty decent job of explining most of the features and object for making tables. And in my opinion, when you need help, ask either here or at shivaSite. For whatever reason, a lot of folks at VPF tend to bet upset if you ask something that's been asked before.

Now I wouldn't be able to offer much help, unless you are making bagatelle or flipperless. And besides, I can't do a lick of coding. But PacDude, SteveOz, and Bob, among others, usually have solid answers.

Heh this table is hard even for people who knwo how to use the flipeprs. dont' feel bad about findint it tough, tiltjp. ;)
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