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Spiderman 2008 (Original) VP8

VP8 SS Original Table Spider-man 2008 - New Release 2020-01-28

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Solid State Machines


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Spider-man 2008

Now available at Pinball Nirvana in the Original table download section.

This is a large zip file (23megs) It contains 1 font to be installed in your Windows fonts folder and 4 mp3 files to be placed in your Music folder that should be in your Visual Pinball folder, if you don’t have a “music” folder, just create a folder and name it “music” and drop the mp3 files in there. If I ever update this table, I’ll then create a separate music zipfile, but I want to at least force you to download the music once.

I thought I’d upload it tonight, since VPF is down…. It might give you something to do.

Thanks to Jon for hosting this table at Pinball Nirvana, as most of you know, VPF does not host nonROM tables. Please consider making a donation at PN also, Jon hosts IRPinball, Pinball Originals and Pinball Nirvana. He’s a real pinhead!

Thanks to the following for sharing their work to make my tables possible. Bendigo, for his fabulous templates (this table uses his add-a-ball template. Shiva, for the lane rollovers and other ideas used in this table. JPSalas, for his many table elements and ideas that he graciously shares with the community. Moonchild, for creating the lockbar image that so many people use in their tables. StevOz, I always load his Gyruss table to copy the upper flipper speed settings. :) I’d also like to thank whoever made the ball image I used and whoever recorded all of these sounds and the many other things that I’ve downloaded over the years.

Press “R” when the game loads and read the “Rules” as there are some options in there that’s not listed on the apron.

Screenshot below….


  • Spiderman2008.jpg
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Great game Bob! Looks, sounds and plays fantastic, here's my top score after 3 games so far. :)



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Thanks Bob, it's a very good game! Smooth and fun, nice visual and audio. My score is still embarrassingly low compared to StevOz, so I will keep that to myself..


Pinball Wizard
Nice table Bob

That's a pretty big file size for a VP table. I played Spiderman 2008 a few times today. Nice sounds and music for this table, Spiderman by the Ramones, cool. Thanks for sharing. :guitar: :)


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Nice table Bob

That's a pretty big file size for a VP table. I played Spiderman 2008 a few times today. Nice sounds and music for this table, Spiderman by the Ramones, cool. Thanks for sharing. :guitar: :)

I really like that Spider-man by the Ramones too. The other 3 mp3 files are also full versions. The background mp3 is 5 meg and the table is 15 meg unzipped, but I have to have lots of lit and unlit playfield size jpg files in there and there are a lot of sound waves for the table sounds, some sounds you hear are 3 sound waves being played at the same time.

Two of the Spider-man theme songs only play when a new ball is created, I know most people will only hear a few seconds of those mp3's, but if you don't plunge the ball, you can listen to the whole song. :) I also wasted 1 meg on the Original 1967 Spider-man theme wave file and it doesn't even play at any point in the game, you have to Press 7 to hear it.

I also tried to keep the music volume down as I wanted the playfield object hit sounds to be center stage, with the music only lightly audible in the background.
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