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Oct 18, 2004
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Righty dokey . . .

. . .now we.ve got a few people in, let's take the opportunity to publicise the heck out of the place . . .especially at VPF.

Any chance you get to blatantly advertise . . .well y'all know the drill . . . :twisted:

And remember . . .todays starchy-arsed VPFers could be tomorrows kick-arse PlayPenners . . . :p
Strueth girl......put it in your sig at the very least.

knickers. :p
Eeeeee . . .wot a daft cunt I am . . .

. . .I've been so busy twatting around that i overlooked it . . .

. . .will be sorted soon, sergeant-major . . .SAHH !!!!
Eeeeeeeeekkkkkk . . . .aaarrrgghhh !!!!!

I've been bleeped out . . .tell me it ain't fuckin' so . . . :cry: :cry: :cry:
It's the word filter system, I bet they never thought of it, I doubt that they can turn it on and off for individual forums. I'm sure they'll remove c-u-n-t from it in honor of you :)
oooooooh . . . .teething troubles . . .

. . .you have to love 'em, except . . .

. . .I'm gonna have to kick a few teeth in if I can't say C-U-N-T !!

:x :x :x :cry:
Yeah, I must have overlooked that one, thanks for pointing it out to me. And no, I'd turn the cerson off in here if I could.

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