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T3 pinball discussion... t2 + banzai run?


Pinball Nudger
I've noticed that t3 may be the most bizarre RL pinball ever...

Not only does it have a lot of t2 goodies but it even has a backglass thing where the ball is shot in varied directions... something not seen since, well, the 60's ....

think it's the most unusual, or is there wierder?


Pinball Wizard
I'd say it's one of Stern's best tables (seeing as how it steals from T2 pretty heavily), especially when it goes into 'red' mode. The backglass toy is alright, but when I played it, it wasn't firing nearly hard enough to reach the upper targets.


Pinball Wizard
Site Supporters
Banzai Run isn't from the 60's. Backbox games take a bit of extra effort to put into a machine. Cirqus Voltaire, Catacomb, Banzai Run, Big Guns, T3, rocky n bullwinkle (stretching I know) but it's still an idea that isn't as overused as 3 pop bumpers in triangle formation on the playfield.