Hi Jon!

Hi bob!

I'm good and back! I think I just fixed this forum and you were able to get in! :)

Looking forward to this place that was created for us "wilder" members!

Yes, you are one wild and crazy guy!! :)

It's nice to see you back again.
Well, Now I know what I did wrong, needed to change View to All. Why do all my learning curves have to be so steep?

HaHaHa! You all wanted a forum to raise a fuss in, and you're being tamer than maiden aunts. I love the irony of it.

tiltjlp said:
HaHaHa! You all wanted a forum to raise a fuss in, and you're being tamer than maiden aunts. I love the irony of it.


Yeah well . . .don't be too much of a stranger here, John . . .

. . .if you want to get your bollocks blown off with the inane banter that is . . . :wink:

Nice to see the rest of ya . . .lets get this place boogyin' . . .yes . . . :?: :shock:
Censor test.......


Just as I thought.......we're fooked. :p

I suggest we loose the word sensor, no need for any of those words myself and anyone to splutter such outside these hallowed grounds will be edited. ;)
sweat . . . .worry . . .pant . . . :!:

Word censor? . . .lose the fucker quick . . .

. . .I've just shat my pants . . . :oops:
Shadow shat himself in the Play Pen...

Now that's very mature :D
You know admins don't have word filters, and can see every word written? Sure woke me up this morning.
I guess John will be asking me about it, and I don't think it's possible to have word filters disabled on a single board, without some major modding of the scripts
Word censors were deleted by myself earlier today, anyone that enters this forum should expect foul language. The bad words above appeared a x's before...

I myself, don't swear too often but I agree with StevOz that moderators will need to watch for these words in any other forum. The problem with having the censored words is that this forum was advertised with 1 rule and 1 rule only and it wasn't swearing.....
No problem. I've never seen any of the words I had in the word censor used outside of here anyway. Saves me the trouble of thinking which words to censor. Besides, words aren't the issue, it's the manner in which the words are used and intended. Dangit anyhow.

Actually, I have little problem pissing forum people off without swearing :) most of the time I'm not even trying to piss them off, but once their off... I tend to embellish it. I'm not really a prick or an asshole, it just comes from spending almost 40 years of hanging out and operating an all men's club created for drinking and playing cards. It was a fun place, swearing was rampant and name calling was all in fun. In fact... There were only a couple minor skirmishes in all those years of chaos. One thing you had to have to servive was a warped sense of humor.
Hey there Wrench, good to see you buddy. Now in the spirit of The Play Pen, where in the hell have you been?

wrenchien said:
hello there!

Hi wrench . . .

. . .well ya know we were reminiscing about how we missed VPFF . . .??

This is the re-incarnation so buckle in and join us maniacs on the roundabout of mental arse-heads.

(Melvin says Hello . . .from his grave . . .a box in the corner . . .)

:cry: :cry: :cry:
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