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Star Trek (Bally, 1979) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation The Final Frontier.. Scapinos Star Trek v1.0 is here. v1.1

No permission to download
Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard

Get it at...
www.scapinosvpins.com , PN and AJ's, eventually.

First Release v1.0 5-10-2008

As this table neared completion I was struck by how well it plays. The unique angled offset on the top lanes is really interesting, and the table is chalenging and fun on the whole. I have only been able to break 1 million points once in testing.

This version allows the selection of either the original 6 digit display rom, or the 7 digit score mod rom. Both roms can be found at...


The large on screen score display shows which rom you are running. If your are running the 6 digit original rom, only 6 digits are visable in the score window.

You must have both roms if you want to select.

This table has the same flexible plunger that I used in the new version of Cirqus Voltaire. You can either use the enter key directly, or "dial it in" with the up/down arrow keys, and press enter to shoot.

As always, since my table use lots of reels, and most modern video cards have problems with vp reels, it is highly advised that you either run VP 8 beta 6 (which seems to have solved the problems), or run my speed fix, which turns off Direct Draw acceleration.

Thanks to TAB and Gaston for thier previous version, including the rom selection code that I heavilly modified for my version.

Thanks to Inkochnito for his nice standard dip adjustment menu, and his score/instruction cards.

Enjoy Star Trek!

Kurt Herman


Inserted Coin
Very nice indeed! Used to play this one back in the day.
Your tables always capture that room lighting.
I'm sure many people always suggest tables and I will include my personal fave of all time, Pinbot. It would be nice to see your twist on it.


Brad OConnell

Inserted Coin
Your pinball tables are amazing.

I just wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying your tables. They are so much fun. Thanks for the great work. You effort really shows in the quality. A huge fan.
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