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The most EPIC and amazing Tron pinball game ever made!


Pinball Master
Hi Terry, first of all thanks for all of your. Wonderful work and contribution for the pinball world, you have made thousands of people very happy.
I need your help
If i start pinup player without Doflinx playing behind, all pievent tables works nice with all led light effects but other tables does not play doflinx, if i close pinup player, run doflinx than run pup player again all tables run doflinx and leds except pinevent tables ( run doflinx but led doesn’t work), i have been pulling my hair after a lots of hours trying to fix it, but no success
What the problem would be?
Please make me feel really happy since it is the only thing that does not work on my beautiful pinball machine.

It's better to ask about PinEvent related issues on the PinEvent post.

You can't have DOFLinx running / activated while using PinEvent tables because they don't use DOFLinx (they access DOF directly). DOFLinx will interfere with PinEvent tables accessing DOF.

For DOFLinx modded tables you need DOFLinx running in the background.

How to manage both PinEvent and DOFLinx with Pinup Popper is all covered in the PinEvent Install Guide.


Pinball Nudger
I will go trough the guide again, thank you so much for the reply, i really appreciated your time, keep up your work, you amazes everybody with it
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