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VP8 Data East SS Recreation The Phantom of the Opera

Solid State Machines


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Yeah, it has for years. I just had to update it for the flipper fix. Not for my sake, I use a custom core file, but for everyone else. It's labeled as a wip because I am still going to do some work on the masking walls and flashers. It should look nice, it's basically just a photo of POTO. There is very few walls the are not totally invisible in this table. The apron is not even raised as it looks, the slings, lane plastics, Magic mirror, almost everything including the ramps are not there as far as VP modeling goes. I use tricks to hide the ball behind things that are no taller than the ink on the photo. Invisible VP ramps. The drop ramp opens and closes, and is modeled, as is the plastics the flashers are on in the back, and the back ramps are modeled in VP, but most of the table has no VP modeling, just invisible walls to block the balls, and masking walls to hide the ball behind, and let it go under the ink in the photo, with the ink still showing. And the sound set is full, including the basement troughs.


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1990. Based on the book from 1910. According to the IPDB, this is one of the first 10 made, which was sent to Bose for the speaker fit. I don't know if they changed anything after that but it also said that these ten were early production models. The photo was from the 9th model made.
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