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Jun 14, 2003
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That's right! The Forum name "Play Pen" sucks. How about some new suggestions for our consideration? I like...

The Asylum

Shadow's Corner

Up Yours!

Rated R


Censor This!

Wha'ch YOU Looking At!

Litter Box

The Rubber Room
How's about . . .

"Empty of Politically Correct Geekoids With Broom-handles Shoved So Far Up Their Arseholes That They've Forgotten The Advantages Of Flexibility . . ."

. . .bit unwieldy though, innit . . . :?:
Well, you folks decide on a new name and I'll change it. Since I figured there would be a lot of childish goings-on, that's why I named it The Play Pen. How about Only The Shadow Knows? Or Bob's Brain Farts?

Hows about . . .

. . ."I Lost My Soul At Pinball Nirvana" . . .or . . .

"The Shit House" . . . :?: :p
Or maybe one of these:

When Are You Going To Recruit Some More Members?

Shout, Shout, Curse and Scream

Shadow's Secret Hideaway

The Naked and The Weird

Bob's Bar Room Brawl

Ain't Misbeavin'

The Underbelly . . . or


Shadow said:
How's about . . .

"Empty of Politically Correct Geekoids With Broom-handles Shoved So Far Up Their Arseholes That They've Forgotten The Advantages Of Flexibility . . ."

. . .bit unwieldy though, innit . . . :?:

If you can squeeze the word "cunt" in there, I'll vote for it :)
Okay . . .

. . ."Devoid of Cunts".

That's me last offer . . . :idea:
How about this.

Warning: Backyard dogs bites and curses.

Just kidding.
One could just be nostalgic and call it VPFF. ;)
Pacdude said:
One could just be nostalgic and call it VPFF. ;)

Fuckin' BRILLIANT . . .!!!!!!!!!

Why didn't I think of that . . .

. . .gets my vote . . . :idea:
Now wouldn't VPFF Reborn be more appropriate? Anyway, if you bozos ever settle on a new name, let me know and I'll change it for y'all. But on second thought, after reading all this rot, why not Bored Yet? since hardly anything any of you have posted couldn't have been posted at your friendly neighborhood VPF. Not even a dirty joke yet, I'm disappointed in you people.

So, any of you dimwits notice I changed the @$%&@%%#@ name of the forum? Just a bit surprised no one has mentioned it, since everyone disliked The Play Pen, and you bums couldn't settle on a new one.

Aaaaahhh . . .don't worry John . . .

. . .soon as we get some daft twats in here we'll be able to let rip.

As soon as the turds start floating through, I can stink the place up a bit.

BTW . . .noticed the name change . . .I get the blame for every-fuckin'-thing . . .right . . . :shock:

:cry: :cry: :cry:
I noticed the name change :) How about...

The Shadow Of VPFF

VPFF's Shadow

Not VPF!

This Place Sucks!

Wha'ch You Lookin' At Willis?

Make My Day!

The Joke's On You!

Pinball Heaven!

Oh My God!

I can't Believe You Said That!


Private Party In Progress...
There actually are enough folks with access to get things going at a nice pace. For some reason. most of them are posting, which is the same old same old. Oh well, at least the current name is better than the original. My personal choice would be Bob & Shadow Sitting In A Tree, There Goes The Neighborhood!

How about a running total of members that have signed up... Or someway to keep us posted... If I knew who was signed up, I could poke a little extra fun at them and then maybe they'd respond :)
Wellnow, a running list of who have joined up here would be nice, if I had had the forethought to keep a list, which I didn't. :( But as far as I can recall, folks with access are:

Shadow, and all 37 of her split personalities
Bob, and the camel he road in on
PacDude, who woulda thunk
cowbow, didn't ask, but I figured he would

And I just gave Mr Wanker acess, just in case he visits and is a bit curious. So maybe Shadow should start a Why we love and adore Mr Wanker thread, so if he stops by, he won't be disappoited.

Now granted, that's not a lot, but it's a starting point. And I might have missed one or two people. One thing, anyone who invites that twit IceWarm will lose their access. I don't want to have to wade through thousands of three word empty, say nothing posts.

Now Shadow, sweetie pie [yuck], shince you're the Queen of this zoo, why not go through the Memeber List, and either PM or e-mail anyne you think might fit in good here. Start with an e-mail to our old pal Mack1, and maybe Krisitan, and ask Mike Jr, who personally I can't stand, and go from there. Some folks probably won't ask to join up, but would if someone asked.

As far as a few name titles for this place ....

Leo's Dilemma

Not Waving, Just Wanking

Bob's Boneyard

Free Parking

Coitus Interuptus

Vault Primarily For Fuckwits

Rabble's Rambling

XXXX Forum

That's all for now.
Dear god in Heaven! Another sheep has returned to the fold! :)

Welcome Panda!
Well hi all,

After looking around and reading a few posts, I'm quite surprised that it's not called either Mental R Us or The Funny Farm. I get a nice warm feeling sitting here in my dark corner trying to visualise what goes on in your minds ;) The trouble is that all I can see is kites that won't fly.

I can see that this place is going to be a lot of fun.[/b]

Hey everybody. Bendigo just joined. Make sure each of you bash, I mean welcome Mr Thick As A Brick the way only we can. Just what we need, another Aussie clown. At least now StevOz won't feel alone. Kites, it's probably more like bats in the belfry.

G'day Bendigo,

Glad to see youv'e joined the circus.

I can see a name change coming on. What do you reckon - Kangaroo Valley would be apt.

BTW, howdy Bob.
Hi Bendigo! Nice Templates :) Without them, I would just be another VPFF reject, but with them I am a pillar of the community ;)


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