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the republicans

Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
let me guess- most of the republicans have finally realised that they were dumbasses to support the bush presidency and now want to dismantle the bush regime by whatever crap they can muster up (just like they wanted to dismantle the clinton regime over trivial crap) so they can remain 'clean':

they want nothing to do with bush and don't want him to campaign for them- they want to pretend that he was part of some of some other party and that the republicans still know what's best for the country.

well- bravo, republicans. not that the democrats are angels, but you've shown me the true meaning of what it means to be a politician. bravo.


PN co-founder
I would think that the democrats are looking forward to the next presidental elections. No matter who runs, their slogan only has to be "He's not Bush" to win big time. At least I sure hope so.



Pinball Wizard
Heh heh - well, since Schwarzeneggar will B our next president, your points R moot :D

What U fail 2 notice is parasitism is natural & criminals always rise 2 the top of government. It has always been this way. It's the natural order of things - it's easier 2 steal than 2 build. The key is helping direct them 2 steal from others rather than from U. No matter how U slice it, it's not nearly as corrupt as it has been in years past - imagine living in the industrial revolution, working 16 hour days 4 scraps, no rights, no safety - nothing but a home & basic necessities. Now roll the clock back another 1,000 years, when most humans lived like absolute crap (actually most humans still do).

Y'all should B THANKING our government 4 stealing more nations, not bitching. Get on the gravy train & invest in evil, because nature doesn't give a fu*k and evil rules :) Hell Y do U think all these government guys R closet satanists n' stuff? It's all a big joke - Bush getting up there (senior) about 'the war on drugs' - meanwhile when he ran the CIA part of his mission was managing the drug smuggling - so many reports say :D


Mmmm imperialism - tasty! :twisted:


yeah bitch some more as U sit there dressed in rags sewn up by 3rd worlders & type your rants on computers manufactured at low cost by other slave masses abroad. The world is our plantation, sayeth whitey.

Oh & what is every military throughout history but the goon squad muscle hired by those in power 2 steal more sh*t? Wake up people - it's exactly the same, just on a larger scale. If they really were N E thing about 'defense' they would B on our border (and throughout the Southwest) killing mexicans & other garbage. They are just the hired pirates - go fourth & steal - pretend it's 4 'democracy' or god knows what - whatever floats your boat Mr. Guns :p

Yeah Christ-insanity used 2 B the fave excuse - bring 'salvation' 2 the 'heathens'. I wonder how many back then bought that lie like the marks who chant 'serving freedom' today? bla bla Politics is interesting stuff!


PN co-founder
Something must be wrong with our resident hate monger Neptune. He actually stayed On Topic for an entire post. Now if he could only learn to type like a human rather than like a code indexer.



Pinball Wizard
Hey Mr. Cat, I know U R but what M I ??? :D

Go on pussy, insult me some more - meow! Aaaaw - U need some strokin pussycat? Here I got tuna 4 U - don't mind the logo, it's MMM MMM good! :twisted:



Pinball Wizard
tiltjlp said:
Something must be wrong with our resident hate monger Neptune. He actually stayed On Topic for an entire post. Now if he could only learn to type like a human rather than like a code indexer.

Probably because democrats and hate mongers act very similarly when there is a republican president in office.


Pinball Wizard
U people R so damn naiive. It's all theater. America is a corporate dictatorship - puppet 1 vs. puppet 2, both driving the same bus, taking U 2 the same place. The winner is chosen B 4 the first primary, B 4 the first debate, B 4 the first vote is ever cast. Wake the fu*k up people.

I don't hate democrats or republicans. I hate idiots. What is ridiculous is how dems claim their side is so 'caring & compassionate', meanwhile Clinton was busy raining DU on Yugoslavia. FDR was a democrat. Under his watch we killed tens of millions of whites in Europe. Under Lincoln we destroyed the South (he did want 2 ship the blacks back 2 Africa - 2 bad they kept them around 4 the cheap labor). Yeah so don't go pretending U R so high n' mighty. Both parties R killers. Elections since the early part of this century R merely opinion polls on the relative speed of expanding corporatism people will go along with - U know, like how many wars, how fast, where, etc. "Should we invade Iran, or Venezuela next?" kind of opinion poll stuff.

I mean hell it's like U all forget Kerry's platform included invassion of Iran. & U think he would have taken us out of Iraq, when it borders Iran? Get a clue guys - wow. It's not like he was ever slated 2 win N E way - it's just a show.



Pinball Nudger
i think america is a dictatorship pretending to be a democracy and this needs to change fast.

let me explain.

you have 2 presidential candidates, (usually you have 5 or more but the press wont tell you that!)

the 2 "chosen" candidates have different team-colours but come from the same college, the same sick secret-society, have the same corporate friends, are tied to the same inbred power-family's
are paid by the same big-multinationals - get the picture.

you think your being given a chice, but a coin has 2 faces too - yet it's still the same coin.

then there are the politicians.

again, loyal to the same industry's and the same forougn country putting there constituants last if they even think of them atall.
there are a few eceptions, but a few blended with all the others is not going to help anybody.

you need a few changes in the law.

1: taking money/gratuity's from *any* foreign government or power is illegal and will get them kicked out of politics for life.

2: taking money/gratuity's from any domestic company/organisation will get them a fine equal to double the gratuity as a first offence, subsequent offences will result in imediate disqualification from politics for life.

these people are allready paid by the taxpayer to do there job, moonlighting in a kind of corporate treason is just plain wrong.

presidential candidates must *not* be linked to any secret-society's of any kind or any foreign power.

you get the picture.

and this is not just for america, other country's are going the american way and need to be put back on the path of honesty before they stray too far.

u.k. is pretty bad these days.

check this:

it used to be that people who wanted to be elected asked there constituants.
not anymore obviously - now they pledge aleigance to a foraign power.

this shows stupid bias that helps nobody other than themselves, what happens if they have to negotiate a treaty or export deal with a mid-east country now they have done this?
it hardly shows an unbiased view does it!

how about a new political slogan for the world?

"brit's for britain/americans for america/israeli's for isreal/french for france" etc.
that would be a nice change would it not!


Pinball Nudger
one little addition.

there are a lot of references to israel in that last post,
that's not my fault or any bias - just the way it is.

it makes no difference to me if a poliotician pleges themselves or takes payments from israel,china or people from mars.
it's still a form of treason and a betrayal of the people who elect them.
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