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The Shockman issue


Pinball Wizard
Constrained by some posts from Shockman in different threads here I feel I need to say following to make clear:

Yes, I have tried to support Shockman in the past. As I told before I didn't have time and fun to read and understand all of the posts concerning the issue. I didn't decide between right or wrong. I can't and I don't want to. Even if I followed reading all the threads, I don't know of e-mails and pms that were posted privately. I just tend to support underdogs.

Yes, I suggested to give Shockman another chance. Reason: See above/before. Nothing else. Mercy before condemnation in my view.

Influence or not, I don't care about. I don't decide to post/act affected by anyone. I just post my opinion.

Nobody (members, staff, site owner, who else) ever tried to change my mind.

I'm not in any private discussion about Shockman with members, staff, site owners and Shockman himself.

The decisions about Shockman are made by staff and site owners autonomous at any site.

I'm now definitely tired of Shockmans "spam". I just told him that I will ignore his posts and what else in another thread.

Shockman should accept the decisions like a man. It's nearly the same as penalty in football/soccer.

I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I can't let Shockman post or assuming untruth about me without any comment.


appropriate at this time
You think you are tired of it yogi, how do you think I feel. You lie. You said more than that. You gave good reason why I should be given a chance, if a last chance. You know I was banned for very weak reason, or you were a liar back then as well.

Do you want to deny that and then race me to those post and try to edit then first?

You changed yogi, not me. Fuck yogi, I said I deserved a ban, I said I don't deserve a permanent one. I said I did not deserve them coming to me and saying that if I can get AJ to help me that they would not stand in the way? Do you yogi, or you just don't give a fuck about your fellow members anymore? You don't want to hear that yogi? Fuck you, Don't hear it, no one else does.


Pinball Wizard
And call me what you want!

Probably fucking liar or something like that.

Take note of that liar isn't any dirty word here!


appropriate at this time
I like talking to you yogi. more than anyone here. But that don't mean that you can not piss me off, you have. If we can no be friends because you ahve pissed me off then I'm sorry, I don't understand why that is.

The same reasons that you said I should be given the chance should still apply. Why don't they? You know that the reason is not because I did not deserve it, I did deserve a ban. But the longest ban I had before that was 1 week. The rules said next was 2 weeks. the staff said next was not a ban at all but confinment to the Argument Clinic for a while.

Every one can say so, but in my honest opinion no one can say and mean that I should have got a lifetime ban instead. No one can say and mean IMO that I should do what they would do, or think how they would think, and that that way would mean that I would just leave the site and be happy about it. Yes I call a lot of people around here liars. What I should say I guess is that if the shoe was on the other foot then the shoe would indeed be on the other foot. I don't care what people think I should do. I care about what I think I should do. And I think still that VPF is as much my site as it is nicolas.b's and as much as it is Peters, and I will not change my mind about that. So it just comes down to am I going to fight for what I care about or drop it because people are mad because they got in the way. I am going to do what I think I should do. and that is fight to be a member of VPF again. I think that is going to happen. I have to think that is going to happen. Why would it not. Aj said it could. nicolas.b said it could, and Peter said it could. So it either could or they are lying to me. If they are lying to me then they see what that is causing and blame themselves, how could it be otherwise.

I find myself typing and knowing that I need to repeat every thing that they said they would do, Why is that? I know I have typed it before, and hundreds of times, and not one time has a member said that it should have happened like they made it happen. All those that see this from a distance say it should not have happened like they made it happen. They screwed it up big time. They were cought with their pants down when AJ reversed my ban and gave his best wishes that we the staff and I could work this out and all be happy.

I can be happy with us all here. nicolas.b can only be happy if nicolas.b is there and he is able to keep me out. It takes lies, it does. if the AJ thing was not a lie he would have let me back. he would not have liked it but he would have let me back, but when I went to all the trouble that he said I should, thinking he was being honest, and found out that he was lying and saw that he never in his wildest dreams thought I could get a hold of AJ when he could not, and that he was caught off guard when AJ reversed the ban then there is no two ways to look at it. My ban was then and there forth wrong. If you don't like me you can say 'no it was'nt' but yes, it was, and still is. The issue of what my next D/A was going to be IS, not WAS. The issue of me doing what the staff said I would be let back in for if i did is not was, it is an issue. Why should it be over? because bob had enough, because you have? because nicolas.b and Peter have. Sure, they would like it over and never again discussed, because the can not let me back now, because they know that I will keep my word, and that would make them look like low lives, the worst things you can imagine even.

That is why it is not over. Slapnuts and 'Oz don't want it to end, and I don't want it to end like this.

cant you all see that you are pulling for someone to get away with lies, and that don't hurt me as much as it hurs the liars, does it? I don't think so, but I can't think like them, I just can't so I don't know.

So I hope I have answered your question, do I understand. Thanks a bunch for asking, I normally can't get away with discussing this in any meaningful place like the Soap Box.


appropriate at this time
Why can't i have a sig. like everyone else 'nuts.

Why can we have no peace. Why wont you let this go.

I think you are a liar slapnuts. You say you don't want to have to watch me so close and that you would prefer a slower forum.
I don't believe you one bit.

I told you if you took back that warning you gave me for being upset for being banned longer that i should have so you could party with your fucking family that you would have none of that from me. NONE. Of course you have the option of haveing as much as you would really like as well. You made your choice. You said 'fuck you to me and my peace offering. I don't mind though, it would have been unfair to myself, I should say what I feel about it, and because you choose to have it, I should be happy for you knowing that you are enjoying it. I could see, you may have been here but i could see. you were not enjoying it while i was gone. The only worse thing you could imagine it seems to me is that i would be quiet, or god forbid happy. i'm glag you are happy though, and as i said i am happy to speak my mind knowing that you want every single bit of it.
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