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VP8 Bally SS Recreation Twilight Zone V7.2 Released

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Ho Ho Ho! Santa Pac is back and chomping at the power pellets to bring you Twilight Zone V7.2!

You can find it right here at Pinball Nirvana (you must be logged in to see it) at the end of the message.

Or it should be up soon at AJ's as soon as Santa's Helpers get time to put it there!

Now be good boys and girls and be sure and help out the less fortunate this Christmas Season as you are VERY fortunate to have this table!

Ho Ho Ho! And Merry Christmas!

TZ V7.2 Additions / Changes
* PD Light System V5.4 replaces VBS Core system
* Viewing angle changed to lower, larger view and table adjusted to fit it
* New "Back_Glass2" brick "dungeon" style game room backdrop added (select from VP backdrop editor pane)
* Various graphical enhancements (apron card lighting, new targets, etc.)
* New reel-based fading bulb effect dome flashers added
* High Resolution Plunger System Added for more control of skill shot
* New Animated modeled pop bumpers with new image texture (flat option removed)
* Standup Targets are now animated
* Yield Time defaults to 1 now and can bet set at top of script where marked to 0 (off) or 2 if needed)
* Added F6 Option Menu Support for the latest VPM Supported Rom Sets (8 sets of Roms can now be selected)

Known Things To do yet:
-Fading (probably wall-based) Lights for playfield to replace regular VP style ones
-Round Ramp connectors to replace rectangular ones


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Pinball Wizard
Well it's christmas, of course it's down- what do you except? The site needs rest every now and then, like every week. ;)