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VP8 Williams SS Recreation Updated tables for vpm 1.53 - Taxi ++

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard

Here are my fixed tables for VPinMame 1.53

Bad cats 1.33
Police Force 1.1
Riverboat Gambler 1.2
Taxi 1.92

Apart from fixing the tables (only the score display) there are also some small graphics changes on all the tables, like:

- new rubbers
- some adjustments in the transparent ramps
- In taxi I tried to fix a bug where the ball jumped out of the left ramp. I never had this bug myself so I hope it is fixed.
- made the flippers more like the Williams flippers of that era.
- added some screws on the plastics.

In taxi I chose the lighter playfield as default, since most of the people prefer it.
If someone wants the darker playfield you may get it from here: http://home.no.net/jpsalas/zip/taxi_dark.zip



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Excellent, thanks JP, this and it's cousin Diner hold many memories for me. :)
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