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VPF Cna't pull up for a week!!


PN co-founder
No I'm not having any problems with VPF, at least not since I fixed the issues with my dial-up connection.



Inserted Coin
John I never had any problems pulling it up. Could
you please tell me what issues you had? I'll
try anything at this point...




PN co-founder
Marc, not being tech minded, this might not make much sense, but here goes. For a few days to a week, I was having trouble getting connected to Juno, and once connected, I would lose the connection for no obvious reason. I seldom stayed connected for more than 15 minutes.

Then a few days ago a friend came over a installed one of those phone jacks that run off your electrical wiring. Since I have a small apartment, the phone installer from when I had first moved in said one of those jacks should work fine.

Anyway, after that phone jack was hooked up, I would lose my connection while Juno was verifying my ID and Password. So I disconnected the phone line from the jack and began using the long wire running from the Installed phone jack back to my computer. I now have a stable connection again.

Part of my problem might be that I unhook my connection at the Installed phone jack whenever I have to clean the apartment, and I guess I don't always get a good solid connection when I hook it back up. Right now my dial up connection is as good as it has even been.



Inserted Coin
Its a VPF server problem I'm pretty sure.

Today I can barely get to VPF but it fails
loading the main page.

After reading the AJ fixed the server
problem thread in the main page, I think
that the "keep your fingers crossed" part
is just that and probably others are having
issues getting in as well.

Could someone contact VPF and tell them
about this. Im curious if its my ISP or a
VPF serever problem...

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