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well we're all already here, so why not just hang here?


Inserted Coin
well we're all already here, so why not just hang here? :wave:
We certainly could but in the past what's kept me from this place has been it's appalling lack of mediation. That's a shame, because this place has TONS to offer. Thankfully right now things are calm, but when some party guests start pissing on the floor again, I fear that once again no one will deal with them in a manner that most people feel would be appropriate.


I'll tell ya' that is by far the most responses I'd ever gotten from just one little post. It has opened a whole new can of worms! some good, a few odd, but at least it got people opening up about everything! Amazing what one little question could bring!
it's just sad, though that that question has the most posts (talk about beating the proverbial dead horse) instead of 'How's about that new ORG site?' Now there is a horse (alive and kicking!) to speak of or even this site asit has sdo much more than vpf.com ever did yeah yeah, I know vpf wasonly about pinball but there are otherissues in life, so any site that can deal (more or less openmindedly) with these than KUDOS to them (and to the "ORG"!!)

(all while hopping around doing the pee-pee dance:p)
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