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Where are the ROMs?


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Look for ROMs at... http://www.ipdb.org/ or The Pinball Nirvana ROMs folder. When at the IPDB, search for table, then look for pinmame ROM.

You can also find table ROMs at Archive.Org or Google. When searching, add the specific name of the ROM file (MAME format) you're looking for to get direct links.

EDIT: Links updated 4/8/2020. --@Ike Savage
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The Pinball Nirvana ROMs link has been updated. EDIT: link updated 4-8-2020. --@Ike Savage

Note to VPM table authors when uploading, feel free to add the following code in the description area, replacing the IPD id number (2285 in the example below) and the rom zip file name @ PN (spidermn.zip) to add links.
<a href="http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=2285"]IPD link to this machine!</a>
<a href="http://pinballnirvana.com/modules/UpDownload/store_folder/Visual_PinMAME/roms/spidermn.zip"]ROMs</a>
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Look for ROMs at...


Search for table, then look for pinmame ROM. You can also find table ROMs at...


I usually just use ipdb, because while you're there you can get a review of the table and some history behind it.

Never did figure out how to tell which rom to pick without running the table and seeing the Pinmame error message telling you which one it's looking for (Although I know some folks like Pacdude put a rom list in their script, but not everyone does this.)


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Still Missing 49 set

I have been looking at both sites you suggested but according to
Clrmame I'm still missing 49 rom sets! See the pinmame_miss.txt file
attached to this message. Does anybody here have them?
I admit I'm a bit of a purist in these things!

Thanks Twilightzoon


  • pinmame_miss.txt
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  • pinmame_have.txt
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what did ya' do accidently erase your entire rom folder? that's a hell of alot of roms yer missing there! still go to IPDB they should have most of them, I'd say check on here but it easier to search on ipdb than it is on here for missing roms! (no offense to the admins here)


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He's trying to complete the set, just for the sake of completing it.

It's easy to look here, no guarantee that the missing ROMs are there though.

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