VP8 Williams SS Recreation Whirlwind v1.1P Released at ShivaSite

Solid State Machines
now that is a boring release thread... I could have went to shiva's in the first place if I just wanted to go to shiva's. :roll:
Sorry Bob, but seeing this place only has 63 registered users (and hasn't gained any in the past couple of weeks) and I get almost no comments here, it's just a lot of extra work to duplicate release threads. Let's face it. These forums are practically dead. Since it's still based on "Flipperless" and has a lot of "pain in the butt" issues with attaching files, etc. while ShivaSite is about all walks of pinball, is set up better and offers file hosting, well you can guess which one I'm going to support under those circumstances. Thus I'm encouraging people to go there so I can save time and use it on tables instead.

VPFF is better set up than ShivaSite for messaging (more PM space, more topic divisions and more registered users), but it's also a giant garbage can that people like Cowboy like to dump in all the time. I don't mind dumping once in awhile, but having to dump 20 times a day is a bit of a pain in the butt. \:D/ It also doesn't offer any file hosting anymore and several users and authors avoid it like the plague because of the stinky garbage that's always piling up there. I think if Alex would just create a few COMMON SENSE rules there (like no prolonged personal flaming that is actually enforced and no trolling and an optional word filter, I think the place would be a lot more attractive to both me and other people that would prefer more pinball and less crap.

It just seems to me that about 15 people still post there regularly and the other contributing users have slowly whittled down there over the past several months. Of course, I've seen similar trends at VPF. I think the "active" VP user base is starting to dwindle a bit. This may have something to do with VP not being updated for over a year and a half when it badly needs it in several areas. Plus most modern tables have already been made so that means the only reason left to build them is to build them BETTER. Not everyone can do that so I think kills author interest compared to 2 years ago. In any case, I think it would be better to have one big forum under those circumstances than a bunch of small ones. There just aren't enough active posting users to support it all, IMO.

If VPF would drop their pride issue and settle this matter with me once and for all maybe that could happen. Kristian has told me he'd start posting there again if I was reinstated and started posting there again. Frankly, I think if they'd do that and install an "adult" lounge forum there only for people 16 and older or something where there aren't major rules, etc. there'd no longer be a need for VPFF either. It just seems to me we could make the VP scene work again if both sides would actually try to work things out instead of both taking hard stances on issues most people couldn't care less about these days (because they just aren't there anymore like they used to be. How many people even "mod" anymore?) I'm willing to work things out. Are they?
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