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Who's next for the vpf meat grinder?

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PN co-founder
With at least 2 and possibly 4 of the new vpf staff giving up the ghost, it makes you wonder who might be left to help run vpf. I won't offer any suggestions this time. Frankly, it would be easier to mention people I hope never are offered a staff position, but I'm again not mentioning anyone. I think at least it should be obvious why some of this staff left as quickly as they did. First off, a former vpf staffer began attacking the new staff, showing his true colors, namely a wide yellow streak down his back.

Next, Cowboy picks just then to return and start attacking Dude for imagined wrongdoings, based mostly on bad blood between the two at the now defunct VPFF. If my calendar is right, Cowboy may have his muzzle removed soon, so it should be interesting to see who he goes after this time. If I happen to be his next target, I can assure you I'll make my next D/A well worth it.

I only hope that AJ, or whoever does his recruiting for him, uses some common sense and don't simply offer a staff spot to just anyone. There are a number of people in the community I feel would not have the best interests of vpf at heart. I'd be sorely tempted to volunteer before I would want to see some folks in charge. I could be wrong in my POV, but this is one time I'd be thrilled to be wrong, but I doubt I am.

Now I haven't always been overly friendly toward certain past staff at vpf. This latest crew I thought had a chance, if only people gave than a chance. So whoever becomes the next group of fodder for the vpf cannon, let's hope everyone gives then an even break, and enough breathing room to see which end is up before making their lives a living hell.

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