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Wiil's 2nd game


PN co-founder
WordDarts is a real challenge, and a lot of fun for puzzle fans, and a stiff test for even word wizards. The puzzle board gives you five words, with the second and fourth letters missing. You are giving the ten missing letters at the bottom of the game board, and using those letters, you have to complete the five five letter words.

The challenge comes not only in trying to figure what those five words are, but also in placing the missing letters in their one and only correct position. In other words, you can actually have all the words correct, but if they aren’t in the right place on the WordDart board, you’re wrong. Just how many sets of five letter words do you know all starting with the same letter? It isn’t nearly as simple a game as it appears.

And again, Will has added an editor, for those of you who might be up to making your own word sets. And yes, I have a set of 99 puzzles I created which I will offer for download, if and when we can convince Will that he should release WordDarts. And I already told you what might change his mind.



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