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With a lot of help from a friend!


PN co-founder
Yeah, I know I'm the Bagatelle Man, and I know that this is mostly a flipperless site, but sometimes I like to do the unexpected. Using Java Jack's free for the taking starter table from two years back, and with Stevoz's coding, I present Stained Glass Blues.

This will be a high scoring game, if you complete the goals in the game. The goals include dropping the 14 targets multiple times, and doing multiple sets of of three different loops. Not only are there flippers, but three of them, and just maybe, this will be one of the fastest tables yet.

Still a lot of work, and lots of testing, but this one could be sooner rather than later. Put on your sunglasses, because this one might blind you. And although I like quiet tables, this one will have some great Blues clips, if I can locate just the right ones. And yes, Blues is my favorite color and music.

The man of a thousand surprises . . . tiltjlp


PN co-founder
I've been Blues since day one. And Zydeco is a very close second, with old style R & B not far behind. Even I know about right click . . . save as, except for me it's left click. I'll bet you have a seperate drive just for all your web links.

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