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Alvin's Mudding Adventure (Original) by wyldfox2007

SS Original Table FP Alvin's Mudding Adventure (Original) by wyldfox2007 v1.0

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Solid State Machines
by wyldfox2007
at 2011-12-15
Type Original

A simple table to relearn some things after a small hiatus. The table is simple, yet hard to get any of the target goals out of it. My friend, Alvin, does the voice for the table. There is a small easter egg in this too, just wait for a few minutes while you are not playing.

With any table, you must have the library in the zip and the default library that comes with future pinball before all graphics will work.

Spell Alvin to add 1,000 to your bonus

Spell Mudding! to add 10,000 to your bonus

Spell Fuel to add 10,000 to your bonus

Each Letter is worth 100 points

Spinner is worth 10 points with each rotation multiplied by the number of lights to the left of it (0 Lights is still x1)

Ramp Trigger is worth 100 points

All other triggers are worth 10 points

KickWalls are worth 100 points.
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