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Aperture Science (Original)

SS Original Table FP Aperture Science (Original) v1.01

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Solid State Machines
Author: Ayelis
"Aperture Science v1.01 aka Portal Pinball" is based off of the game Portal, by Valve Corporation, 2007. Original release thread here.

[NOTE: Please download the Music File (30 MB) as well, to get the full experience of this table. GLaDOS, turrets, and High Energy Pellets will not make a sound unless you have the Music File.]
[PS: It is completely legal to download the Music file if you already have a copy of Portal. If you don''t have a copy of Portal, you may still download for educational purposes, but you should probably get Portal online anyways because of how awesome it is!]

Version 1.01 (with so many bug fixes, it deserved a new version number) changes:

*Glados camera overtalking fixed
She will no longer interrupt herself when you hit a camera drop target, even if she''s talking about a different camera drop target. She will still be silenced by tilt warnings and coins however.

*Turret level screenshot insert fixed
I never added it? It''s such a good screenshot too... Luckily the default insert was still in place. That could have been embarassing! ;)

*Boss fight neurotoxin modes fixed
For some reason, these levels vanished from v1.0. Shame!

*Continue buy-in coin/cancel fixed
I just didn''t test this feature enough. Frankly I was just glad to get it to work in the first place!

*Free game check fixed
Now you can really hear that knocker crack! Can anyone get enough of this animation? I know I can''t! :D
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