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Big Spender 2000 (Original) by lacarril

SS Original Table FP Big Spender 2000 (Original) by lacarril v3.1

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by lacarril, polygame, Popotte
at 2013-03-27
Type Original

2 Versions - Desktop and CAB

There is a difference in both versions as in the ver.cabina the score and the ball in play are shown in the backglass DMD while the ver.Escritorio the score remains on the playfield.

PS: This version uses 2.3 on later physical and ignore problems can occur if new versions of Future Pinball.Solo comment that fails to take updates as my time is very limited and I already demands a lot of things contribute to the forum, in spite Greetings ... my kids and enjoy from the table ...

This table is a mod of :
Big Spender Pinball 0.02
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