Black Tiger Pinball (Williams, 1981) VPX

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Black Tiger Pinball (Williams, 1981) VPX v2.1 MOD
IPD No. 1778

Version 2.1
Converted images to WebP format which reduces file size.(VPX7.2 Required)
Converted Wav files in sound manager to ogg format which reduces file size.
Table size went from over 105 MB's to just under 42 MB's, with just the 2 conversions above.
I will be adding the Music files to the sound manager the next time I update this table.

Black Tiger Pinball (Williams 1981) MOD v2.1
VPX table by 32assassin
Graphics and Sound Mod by Xenonph

Welcome to Black Tiger Pinball!!
Based on Capcom's hit arcade game Black Tiger released in 1987. (Known as Black Dragon in Japan!)

Version 2.0
Converted mp3's to ogg format, and scripted music to be played from BlackTiger folder.
(Place BlackTiger folder in your Music folder)
Added NVOffset script command, so not to interfere with other tables using same rom.
Added option at top of script for those who were getting script error when entering Dungeon.
You can change to DProb=1 and there is no Light to Dark transition time.
It changes instantly instead of slow transition, but gets rid of your error.

Version 1.0
All sound effects and music come from the Black Tiger arcade rom.
I scripted the music to play 1 of first 2 levels music on first ball played, second ball is 1 of level 3 thru 6, third ball is levels 7 thru 9. (When Multi-Ball is activated, 1 of 3 boss music is played.)
Hitting Dungeon Kicker activates Dungeon music.
After 2-4 player game, the person with highest score gets extra time. Last mission completed music plays during this timed session.
The Black Tiger rom had 4 unused sound effects. I added them to drain hit.

I enlarged the magnets for Magna-Save and added an Auto Magna-Save Feature which can be activated in options at top of script, or toggled with Buy-In Key.(On by default)
When activated, the magnets will automatically activate for 2 seconds.(That is if you have 2 Magna-Save points. Build up your Magna-Save Points by hitting the lower playfield Skull targets.)
(Right lower drop targets fill up the right Magna-Save points, and left fill the left Magna-Save.)
Be warned that it is not perfect. The magnets catch the pinball about 96% of the time, and drops ball in inlane.
4% of the time the magnet flings ball either down side drain, or up over bumperslings if you have less than 2 Magna-Save Points.

Dropping all 6 upper playfield targets, not only advances the enemy target pics on the upper playfield targets , but also advances to next boss level upper playfield pic. The backgound in the upper playfield changes to each boss level in the game.

Added Dungeon Mode,(Brick plastics turn into Lava Plastics.),which is activated when hitting lower left kicker hole.
Dungeon Mode cannot be activated during Multi-Ball or Extra Time Mode.
You have 99 seconds before brick plastics are activated again, unless you lock a ball or lose ball in drain.

I added a modified version of JP's Lut script.(With permission.)
I used this to transition from Light to Dark.
So with the way this table works, it does not allow for the Lut option to be toggled by user.(Sorry!)

Added 6 DT Backdrops to choose from. (Click Backdrop and Options tabs on left side of editor, and on right side of editor you will see an arrow to change to desired DT Backdrop.)

I included 6 Backglasses. 3 different ones, Night and Day versions of each.


I used 32assassin's VPX Pharaoh (Williams 1981) v1.0 table to make this mod.

I first would like to thank 32assassin for allowing mods without permission.
(Although I still personally asked for his permission to make this mod.)
I would also like to thank him for making a great table!!
There is much more important info on original download page.
He put in alot of time and work on the original table, and it is appreciated!! So if you like this mod, I would encourage you to thank the original author of the table, as I have only made a few changes!
Original Table...


Hope you enjoy!!
Table uses Pharaoh (L-2) rom. "pharo_l2"
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    Version 2.1 Converted images to WebP format which reduces file size.(VPX7.2 Required) Converted...
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Love love love this table. Back in "the day" pinball people despised video arcade games as they brought about a big decline in pinball. I'm one who likes both! This table tickles the ol' nostalgia bone.
The Pharaoh rom is one that doesn't pop up with the F1 menu key so you need to run setup.exe in your vpinmame folder, select test and pick Pharaoh L2 and click game options to disable external dmd if needed.
Thanks for the update Xenonph!
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Nice table, thank you.
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Very nice, thanks.
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