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Bomb Squad (Original) VP8 by Gerson Agena

VP8 SS Original Table Bomb Squad (Original) VP8 by Gerson Agena vBeta 01

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Bomb Squad (Original) VP8 by Gerson Agena vBeta 01

This is a clever little game in which you're racing against a countdown timer in order to make shots and complete tasks. It's a fully playable table, but since it's only a beta version, not completely polished.

I've taken the liberty of adding a second version with some minor tweaks meant to improve gameplay & appearance. These are: increased slope, increased center post bounce, colorised rubbers, and backdrop added. Apologies (and thanks) to Gerson, who disappeared from the scene around 2001. --@Ike Savage

Btw, this table reminds me of BJ's Uranium-235, also worth a look.


As a member of a Bomb Squad Team your task is to deactivate bombs. In Bomb Squad Pinball you accomplished this by "cutting" the green, blue and red wires in any order. To deactivate the bomb you have to shoot the center target. At the beginning of the game you have 60 seconds to cut the wires and 30 seconds to shoot the center target. There are five missions to play. After you complete the fifth mission you start the first mission again but with less time on the clock. Game is over after you played your five balls or if time runs out. Score is based on how fast you finish the missions.
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