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Boop-A-Doop (Pace Manufacturing Co, 1932)

VPX Flipperless Recreation Boop-A-Doop (Pace Manufacturing Co, 1932) v1.0a

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Boop-A-Doop (Pace Manufacturing Co, 1932) VPX v1.0a
IPD No. 3653

This table uses actual holes to play so get ready for some tough game play if you're nudging especially if you're going after that 1,000 point hole or the free play holes near the bottom.

You can read the table info in the game OR read the text file included.

3 white balls, 3 blue balls and 4 gold balls. Do your best to place the correct colored ball into the proper colored scoring hole areas to get double the points. Mixing a ball in the wrong color gives you regular points. 1,000 point hole scores normal points only.

Balls are RANDOMIZED EACH GAME so you'll always get a new line of balls in different order of colors with each game you play.

I did NOT want this game to look perfect and it isn't. The game is from 1932 so it shouldn't be. You may notice some of the holes look a bit chewed up or skewed which is exactly the way a machine from this age SHOULD look.

ACTUAL labels AND table images were used from resources given to me by an ACTUAL OWNER of this machine. I TRY to do my "homework" before I release something and I hope it shows.

Have fun and let me know if you like this one. I love it. Enjoy!

PS: Folks may think I'm absolutely crazy, but this table has EXACTLY 299 pins and 299 pinheads placed and were placed using a diagram where the actual pins were located on the original machine. EACH colored circle's pins were placed EXACTLY where they were in that diagram.
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