Bumper Pool and Billiards (Original)

Flipperless Original Table BAM Bumper Pool and Billiards (Original) v2.0 BAM

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I am fairly satisfied with the current state of this game !! But what do I know :bonk:

Much smoother Game Play:
1. Shorter wait time between shots
2. Fixed the menu I believe. You access the menu only from Zoomed out view by pressing Special 1 key or Middle Mouse Key if you have Mouse Setup as described previously (and at top of script)
Use Flippers to toggle between menu options, plunger key to make selection and return to game
All Menu Selections are save in FPRam for future games
3. Fixed Game End Victory Dances
4. Fixed Models off mode (seems to work smoothly now)

Overall I am quite pleased. The strength setting for the pool cue can be tweaked in the script fairly easily if people wish.

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Sorry if you find the frequent updates annoying but I am truly having a blast with this game. Very strategic and some ways more gratifying than conventional billiards.

Here are some tweaks:
1. I increased the force of the cue so be careful now
2.I added animation sequences for the end of the game. The Victor Mascott Celebrates and the others fall dead....kinda like "ring around the rosy" sorry for the macabre humor during the pandemic"
I truly wish you and yours the best of health and hope !
3. I tweaked the code when Mascotts are turned off in the menu ...but it is still buggy....I don't know why you want the models off...they are too much fun....

I tweaked so much stuff that I decided to call this version 2.

1. Added Rules and Description of Game Keys and Mouse Functionality at the top of the script
2. Started cleaning up and organizing the script
3 Improved Game sounds
4. Rescaled all the room objects to match the table size
5.Tweaked Cue functionality and Cue positions during game play
6.Added 6 Marvel Mascotts to choose from at start of turn, added Mascott animations
7. Added camera Sequences
8. Tweaked mouse functionality as follows

' *********************************************************************
' ** **
' ** Mouse Function **
' ** **
' *********************************************************************

'Enable Mouse under FP "Game keys and controls"
'in that same menu assign "Digital Plunger" to Left Mouse Button
'assign "Special2 key" to Right Mouse Button
'assign "Special1 key" to Middle Mouse Button

'Mouse Movements are utilized currently only in the x axis in various ways:
'When Selecting a Mascott at the beginning of the game, use mouse to toggle options
'When Menu Screen is active, use mouse to to toggle options
'When playing a game us mouse to aim pool cue

'Left mouse button (Digital Plunger) is used as follows:
'To choose your mascott
'To choose a menu option
'Most importantly to TAKE YOUR SHOT, hold and release for variable strength while hitting the pool ball

'Right mouse button (Special 2 key ) is used as follows:
'changes between three Camera views (2 zoomed in and one zoomed out)

'Middle mouse button (Special 1 key) is used to access menu. Only available when in "zooomed out" view.
And most importantly to select the ball you wish to hit when in one of the two "zoomed in " view.

To do:
1. Fix some game reset issues when playing with models turned off
2.. Fine tune victory celebrations at end of game
3. Various bugs
Improved Shooting smoothness
Avengers Theme song starts with first shot
Collisions on Pegs improved
A couple of tweaks with Mascotts and Game rules

Table link here:
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This update is Bumper Pool Version using Avengers animated models ( Hulk and Iron Man ) and the sound track from Avengers End Game

It also add mouse support. You will need the most recent version of BAM available at the time of this posting ( April 2021)

You need to configure the mouse buttons first under FP key settings.
Enable Mouse
Map left button to "digital plunger" option
Map Middle button to "Special1key " option
Map Right Button to "Special2key" option

The mouse is used in the following ways:
move mouse around to adjust aim
press and hold left mouse button and then release to shoot
press right button to change views
(3 views two that are zoomed in for best aiming and a zoomed out view)

During zoom out view, if you press middle button you will go to options menu. Move mouse for options and press left mouse button to select and return to game.

During one of the zoomed in views press the middle mouse button repeatedly to select which ball you wish to hit with cue ( choice is only available after your first ball is sunk)

Note : To try this update you need to copy the enclosed Bam.dll into your BAM directory after you have renamed the existing BAM.dll (to BamOld.dll or whatever)

MANY THANKS to Ravarcade for proving this Beta version using advanced Ball Coding Features for BAM.

ball.SetPosition X, Y, Z
ball.SetVelocity X, Y, Z
ball.SetOmega X, Y, Z

Rav also provided some trigonometry to apply these features based on the position of the pool cue during aiming

I used the "ball.SetPosition" feature for placing the Cue ball anywhere you wish during "Ball-In-Hand" Fouls.
In my testing so far it works FLAWLESSLY unlike previous versions of this table.
This seems to have Eliminated most if not all table crashes.

I used the "ball.SetVelocity" feature for all pool shots to simulate when the cue is striking the cue ball.
This replaces the previous focused magnet pulse technique and seems more accurate and responsive.

I used the "ball.SetOmega" for generating top spin and back spin. And in the future side spin.
The spin math is applied when the cue ball makes contact with another ball.

I also refined the Bumper rails a little

Overall I think the table is functioning much better now with no crashes after several hours of testing.

I will keep tweaking but I was excited to release an update with these new BAM features.

improved Viewing Angles for shots
End of game crash fixes
Music playlist continuous/repeat play fixed

Menu options to Toggle on/off various modes
(Movie Mode and Add Spin Mode are turned off by default)

VR Version will hopefully follow soon.
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