Bumper Pool and Billiards (Original)

Flipperless Original Table BAM FP Bumper Pool and Billiards (Original) v2.0 BAM

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Bumper Pool and Billiards (Original) v2.0 BAM

Using new BAM features to create billiards and pool simulations. The Base functionality can now be incorporated into any Billiard sim (Snooker and 9 ball are on the horizon)

The game key nuances are refined with each update. I will try to add changes to the top of the scipt.

Mouse Function is now a feature thanks to Rav and has been added in Avengers Bumper Pool

1. left and right arrow to aim

'2. Up arrow changes view to Camera over cue or zoomed out view

'3. Down arrow flips cue during aiming

'4. "M" on keyboard to turn aiming arrow on /off

'5. Plunger key hold and release for variable strength and hitting cue ball, see 9. belwo

'6. "B" on keyboard will swap players

'7. Special1 or Special2 keys will rotate zoomed out camera view by 90 degrees
The following features only apply to 8 ball and not bumper pool
'8. If a foul is assigned ( for Wiffed ball, no rail hit, hit wrong suit, no ball hit) then next player gets "ball in hand." Use arrows to move Green Marker ball and press "Plungerkey" when happy and it should place cue ball at that location

'9 Adding Top and Back Spin are accomplished in Camera over cue zoomed in mode. The first press of plungerkey will activate the add Spin feature and move the cue out of the way, use up and down arrows to set spin. Press plungerkey again to confirm spin the cue will move back to resting position. Now you can use the plunger key to take your shot as per usual.

For shots in zoomed- out mode the plunger key is just for shooting ( not for adding spin)

Eight Ball Video

Avengers Bumper Pool Video
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