Jaws (Original) Ultimatum

SS Original Table FP Jaws (Original) Ultimatum v1.01b

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Solid State Machines
by Gimli, rom, SLAMT1LT
at 2015-04-16
Type Original

Rom and Slam did an amazing job with this table. It is one of my fav's (Jaws Ultimate 1.1)

With this mod, this will be the first game I believe to have Save Game and Crash recovery feature !Surprised

Jaws "Ultimatum" if the Original Authors won't include accurate multiplayer mode , then we will :)

features in this update include.

1.Save Game thanks to Wecoc for Array Template to enable this Cool

2.True Multiplayer (each players progress is saved and restored ) and added multiplayer DMD notifications

3.Add looping wave DMD animations c/o Polygame ( HappyCab) from Reel it in

4.Wall art and animations change with game intensity from ship motif to ocean motif (Wall art c/o SlamT1lt I believe)

So if you get called to dinner, no problemo , just save it for later...

Using Special2 key during game select Save State 1 or Save State 2 to replay game at a future date. (Save State 1 is constantly updated during gameplay in the event of a crash or lost ball, table can be reloaded to last save position)

version 1.01b fixed zedster bug. Should always have 5 balls at beginning of game

Mods of this table :
Slamt1lt's Collection: Jaws ULTIMATE 1.05-3

This table is a mod of :
JAWS ULTIMATE 1.1 Physics 2.6
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