Rat Race (Williams, 1983)

Williams SS Flipperless Recreation BAM FP Rat Race (Williams, 1983) v1.0

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Rat Race Version 1 by Wild and Gimli
Thanks to Ravarcade for BAM !
IPD No. 3718

Wild created the table build and some of the coding( lighting and sounds) for this table more than a year ago.

I coded the game play and the mechanics of the tilting table.
I added some music ( from Crash Bandicoot) and a Rat Model (Ratger Hauer) for fun.
I also added Polygames's VR room environment.

This game requires version 348 or higher of BAM
pressing either Special1 or Special2 key will rotate the table so you can play from all sides

You can tilt the table either using the arrow keys on your keyboard or using a mouse/trackball .
For Mouse you must enable mouse under FP key settings .

The table has a steep learning curve but I it find immensely entertaining.
I am sure there will bugs for me to tweak !

Wild may wish me to revise this game as time goes on , but I thought I would release it here for others to try.

Disclaimer -obviously this game is not to be sold or included in any commercial products and is simply to be seen as fan art and a way of remembering the original table and enjoying the old Bandicoot music.

Make Sure Playfield reflections are ON , otherwise you won't see all the table lights...


Gimli (and Wild)
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