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Coco-Nuts (Amusement Coin Mfg., 1931) VP9

VP9 Flipperless Recreation Coco-Nuts (Amusement Coin Mfg., 1931) VP9 v1.02020-01-28

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1931, Amusement Coin Machine Manufacturing Company
Coconuts, 1931 for Visual Pinball 9!

The FIRST Clown Catcher machine and the only machine this company ever built!


Balls MUST enter the TOP OF THE CUP to gain access to the points indicated on the playfield. Sometimes if you move your clown while a ball is going into a cup, it may not register and you've missed! Take your time to let the balls enter the cup! This only usually happens on the upper point areas.

Sometimes when a ball is next to your clown and you move it over to the space the ball is falling from, you just may make that ball gain points! It's a tricky situation, but it can happen! This usually only happens in the second (or lower) row so watch how you move and nudge!

Playing a SINGLE BALL AT A TIME will give you a slight advantage over playing more than one during a game.
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