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CONAN (Original) by Sepeteus

SS Original Table FP CONAN (Original) by Sepeteus v1.1.1

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Solid State Machines
by Sepeteus
at 2012-02-01
Type Original

CONAN - The Barbarian

- MULTILEVEL (4 playfield levels)
- MULTIBALL (up to 4 balls)
- MULTIWAYS to go and collect scores, like:
--- Randomized LOOT VALUE
--- Find SECRET OF STEEL (Stop & Score)
--- TREASURE JackPot
--- 5 names to complete: CONAN, VALERIA, SUBOTAI, AKIRO & (Thulsa) DOOM
--- Increasing scores of 5 bumpers and the spinner
- Several habitrails and ramps + descending bridge
- Turning ball guide in the middle of the ramp
- 4 holes kicking balls back & upward and locking them
- Over 100 sound effects and musics from the movie

Long lasting and CHALLENGING table for skilled players.
5 balls per game and max. 4 players.

The table was planned using F2 camera mode, so that all objects are visible.
The game turns the camera to look up, when the ball goes to the top level.
(Apologies for the owners of a cabinet.)

And the table needs quite a powerful system in order to play.


Consept and design: Sepeteus
Models, building up and scripting: Sepeteus
Sounds and music mixing: Sepeteus
Artworks of translite and base playfield: gimilkhor
Other textures: Sepeteus
Testing: Sepeteus & Maceman
Look the apron and more from the attached file: CONAN 1.1 RuleSheet.txt.

Version 1.0

Published 24.01.2012

Version 1.1

Published 02.02.2012

- Corrected several errors related to the game's behavior during different Tilt situations
- Corrected the script meditation error: line 3837 (during Multiball)
- Corrected randomized LOOT VALUEs and their percentages (also the rule sheet)
- Corrected blinking of the triangle lights around the faces
- Corrected visible spinner scores
- Added and modified some sounds
- Made some other minor changes and fixes
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