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CONTACT (Williams, 1978) WIP by granit

Williams SS Recreation FP CONTACT (Williams, 1978) WIP by granit v1.0

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by granit
at 2016-03-30
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Williams Electronics, Incorporated (1967-1985)
Tradename Williams
Date 1978
IPD No. 558

FP Physics 1.0

Contact was produced by Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985) in 1978. Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985) , starting in 1959. Other machines made by Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985) during the time period Contact was produced include Disco Fever, Topaz, Lucky Seven, Flash, Pokerino, Argosy, Rancho, Lucky Seven, Hot Tip, and Road Champion. This game has Dual Action Flippers which allows the inner flippers to operate first, or all four flippers to operate, depending on how far the flipper buttons are pressed.

Tables of collection WIDEBODY :
Circus 1.0
CONTACT 1.0 wip
OUTBREAK 3.0 wip
Panthera 2.0
Paragon 2.2
Pokerino 2.0
Roller Disco 2.1
Scorpion 2.1
Time Line 2.2 wip
Volcano 2.6 wip


Making C-O-N-T-A-C-T Lites Stars 1 To 5. • Making #3 Or #5 Stars Lites Top Left Rollover Lane For Extra Ball. • Making #4 Star Lites Two Bottom Out Rollover Lanes, Alternately,
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