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Distant World (Original) VP9 [DT]

VP9 SS Original Table Distant World (Original) VP9 [DT] 2020-01-28

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Drop inline banks to lock ball. Locking both balls lights multiball. Dropping left 3 bank when lit enables multiball. Locking ball during multiball wins Jackpot. When one ball is locked you can "unlock" it for 2 ball multiball. During two ball multiball you can unlock the third ball for three ball multiball.

Two ball multiball- all scores 2x
Three ball multiball- all scores 3x
Jackpot- 75,000 x number of balls in play. (2 or 3).

Toplanes advance X to 8X max.

Drop W-O-R-L-D Targets to advance up to extraball. Dropping left 3 bank advances value of right kicker, and lights Special.

Drop Left targets to advance scoring in the right kicker.

Thanks to:
Grizz, for the AWESOME light images.
Shimoda, for graphical help.
Faralos, for graphical help.
Rascal, JP Salas
Rukia, for putting up with me.
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