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Dragon's Keep (Maxis, 1995) MOD

SS Recreation Video Games BAM FP Dragon's Keep (Maxis, 1995) MOD v2.52

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Solid State Machines
by franzleo, GeorgeH, Wild
at 2018-02-12
Type Recreation (videogame)
Editor Atari
Date 1995-10-31

Custom Physics

Version 2.52

I fixed the texture on the left flipper.


Version 2.51

Franz Leo and Wild's original table, "Dragon's Keep", is a recreation of a video game. It uses bright colors and it has sounds like a video game. I have honestly never been a big fan of video games but this table has some exceptional game play. So I decided to try making it play a bit more like a normal pinball game. I changed the color scheme so that it is not quite as bright. Video games are usually played on a system with poor speakers so the audio tends to be of a lower grade so it doesn't challenge the speakers. Future Pinball is capable of producing very high quality sound so I replaced the music with a different soundtrack. I made no changes to the game play. You can think of the changes I made like a new skin.

I have become known as a physics man and of course I had to add custom physics to this table. But I also added what I call a "Sound Level Control Panel" that appears at the beginning of the script. Franz Leo and Wild originally had a similar function in the script which had two parameters. I expanded this out to 5 parameters. So the end user can now make adjustments to the mix of 5 parameters of sound. I think I have it set correctly but those of you that like to experiment can easily make changes.

Just like the original table, this table requires that you use BAM in order to make the magnet and the virtual room work but also to make the XML file for the custom physics work. I left the original music files in the Music Manager. There is also an alternate main theme for the music also. To change the main theme, just open the music manager and rename the "ThemeMain" and "ThemeMainWithIntro" as something else. Then rename "ThemeMainAlternate" and "ThemeMainAlternateWithIntro" as "ThemeMain" and "ThemeMainWithIntro".

I feel like I succeededin making this table play like a normal pinball game but you can decide that for yourselves.


This table is a mod of :
Dragon's Keep (Maxis) 2.50

RULES by Wild (from the original posting)

@the purpose of the game is a battle against the dragon, which you can face by hitting the sword, inside his body,three times.the mouth opens and you can kill the dragon, and let him swallow the ball,for eight shots.completing the missions, throughout the game, you will receive aid to kill the dragon faster

@Dragon's Keep Special Awards spell

you have five types of spells to conquer during the game

1)Dragon Breath

adds points to the super jackpot for every target, bumper, rebound, and kickout hit for the duration of the spell (60 seconds).

2)Dragon Blood

turns on the magnet in front of the dragon flipper.

3)Resistance to Fire

turns on the bonus hold


changes the exit direction from the moat chute to hit the sword target.


Each weapon increases the table multiplier and awards points:

Frantz's Ax = 2x

Firebow = 3x

Sword of Virtue = 4x

Dragon Lance = 5x


The following armor awards are available:

Shield maximizes the kicker lights and prevents them from turning off for 60 seconds

Helm of Terror raises the center post for 60 seconds

Chain mail closes off the right outlane for 60 seconds

@Dragon's Keep Multi-Ball Modes

1)Gargoyle Gaggle-Ball

This is a two-ball mode started by putting the ball in the gargoyle kickout.

2)Tower Ball

This is a three-ball mode started by locking three balls in the towers,hit 3target right

3)Dragon Flurry

This is a five-ball mode started by turning on all the dragon letter lights.

@Dragon's Keep Quests

you have two ways to activate quests.......

A) quest is started by putting the ball in the fire lizard sinks twice. The next available quest can be changed by hitting the quest selection target. A quest can be restarted after it has ended by

putting the ball back in on of the fire lizard sinks within ten seconds.

B)conquer the dragon eggs in the ramps, and then put the ball inside the egg kicker, to start the selection, you can continue until the last egg, and choose your prize

1)Dragon Hoard

Steal the gems from the dragon by hitting the components with the flashing gem lights in front of them. Gems are worth the following amounts:

2)Fire Lizard Attack

Slay fire lizards by hitting the fire lizard sinks,and receive points.

3)Rescue Maiden

Rescue the damsel in distress by putting the ball in the prison tower repeatedly. Each time,and receive points.

4)Dragon Pass

Find the passage to the dragon's lair by putting the ball in the gargoyle and armor kickouts as often as possible.

5)Wizard's Fury

Put the ball in the well as many times as possible. Each time the well is hit, the mystery award is given. Hitting the spell targets changes what the mystery award is set to.

6)Slay Dragon

Put the ball in the dragon's mouth several times to kill the dragon. The number of hits required is equal to eight minus the number of weapons and offensive spells. The time you have to do

it in is thirty seconds plus five seconds for every armor and defensive spell.

Each time the ball goes in the dragon's mouth, an award is given based on which of the fire lights is on.

@skill shot

Hit the 5target left,and thespecial award is given, depending on the first thing the ball hits after being launched:

spell target5 = cast random spell

spell target4 = 1 dragon egg

spell target3 = award weapon

spell target2 = award armor

spell target1 = begin gargoyle gaggle ball


These four bumpers are located on the left side of the table and are worth 1,500 points each. After every eight hits another weapon is awarded.


Hit the 4target to activate one of the many prizes...Armor-Weapon-multiball-jackpot.

@Dragon Egg Kickout

The dragon egg kickout is located just below the dragon ramp, on the left side of the table. If the ball goes in this kickout, you are given the opportunity to exchange accumulated dragon

eggs for an award from the following list:


025,000 points (automatic)

1-3Begin quest

4Cast spell



7Extra ball light

8Extra ball


you can win an extraball, in various actions

well, dragon mouth, last conquered egg, quest,and more.

@good fun player!
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