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  1. Paolo


  2. TheHermit

    VP9 Original Table Recreation Video Games Invader Fall II - The Revenge of the Invaders (Original) VP9 v1.1

  3. TheHermit

    VP9 Original Table Recreation Video Games Invader Fall II - The Revenge of the Invaders (Original) VP9

    Invader Fall II - The Revenge of the Invaders You thought you had them beat. You thought they had given up. You are wrong. So very wrong... The Invaders are back, once again falling down towards you. Use your pinball to stop the invasion, but beware, just when you think they are retreating...
  4. Paolo

    Recreation Video Games BAM FP Dragon's Keep

  5. romolo2002

    VP9 Flipperless Recreation Video Games Air Hockey (Nintendo Switch, 2018) VP9.95 v1.0 2021-02-28

    Air Hockey (Nintendo Switch, 2018) VP9.95 v1.0 Recreation in Vp 9.9.5 of "Air Hockey (Nintendo Switch 2018)". Play against the smart artificial intelligent (Ai) player, but be warned, winning won't come easy.
  6. franzleo

    Recreation Video Games Super Android (Epic MegaGames, 1993) v2.0

    Super Android (Epic MegaGames, 1993) v2.0 Notably, Franzleo made a bunch of custom models for this re-creation, described in the discussion thread.
  7. Paolo

    Recreation Video Games BAM FP Nintendo NES Pinball

  8. G

    Recreation Video Games Pinball Open (Pinball Mania, Softkey, 1995) v1.0 2020-01-28

    Pinball Open (Pinball Mania, Softkey 1995)
  9. 3

    VP8 Recreation Video Games Macadam Bumper (ERE Informatique, 1985) VP8 2020-01-28

  10. faralos

    VP8 Recreation Video Games Space Adventure (PC Game to VP) VP8 v1.1 Loaded 2020-01-28

    Space_Adv_v1.1_Loaded_ By faralos. This is a PC to VP conversion. Hit 5 to drop a coin, hit 1 to start a game this table sits in a basic template so plays just as easily. The ball at times takes a little hop over those three holes at the back ramp going from left to right. Sorry for that I...
  11. Not Registered

    VP8 Flipperless Recreation Video Games 7 of 9-ball (Atari's Breakout, 1976) VP8 by Apoc v3.0 Final 2020-01-28

    7 of 9-ball (Atari's Breakout, 1976) VP8 by Apoc
  12. Not Registered

    VP8 Flipperless Recreation Video Games Breakthru (Atari's Breakout, 1976) VP8 by Apoc v1.0 2020-01-28

    breakthru1.0 By Apocalypse
  13. Not Registered

    VP8 Flipperless Recreation Video Games Apoctopong (Atari's Pong, 1972) VP8 by Apoc v3.0 2020-01-28

    apoctopongv3.0 By Apocalypse
  14. Freezezzy

    VP8 Original Table Recreation Video Games Tiger Electronic Pinball 1&2 (Original+Recreation) VP8 v2.2 and v1.0 2020-01-28

    Both an original and a re-creation! Jeff Block, the author.
  15. Not Registered

    VP8 Flipperless Recreation Video Games Sonic's Enigma (Taito's Bust-A-Move, 1994) VP8 by Scott Bermel 2020-01-28

    (background music here) GENERAL GAME RULES: A) Create groups of 3 or more gems of the same colour to POP them and score points. B) When you POP gems, any without a connection back to the top will drop and increase the BALL-VALUE as well as score points C) Clearing the playfield of all gems...
  16. C

    VP8 Flipperless Recreation Video Games Pac-man (Namco, 1980) VP8 vb2 demo

    By Cold1 Impressive demo by a legend from long ago.
  17. P

    VP8 Flipperless Recreation Video Games Laser Chess 010 (Mike Duppong, 1987) VP8 v0.10 2020-01-28

    LaserChess010 1987 PC Game Remake
  18. Not Registered

    VP8 Flipperless Recreation Video Games Chicken Shift (1984, Bally) VP8 by Bad_CRC vB1 2020-01-28

    Chicken_Shift_(1984_Bally) by Bad_CRC
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