Pinball Dreams : Nightmare (Digital Illusions CE, 1992)

SS Recreation Video Games FP Pinball Dreams : Nightmare (Digital Illusions CE, 1992) v1.00

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Solid State Machines
by IamMrBongo, Jerry Winter, Sebek74, Slash2084
at 2012-06-25
Type Recreation (videogame)
Editor Digital Illusions CE (1988-2004)
Date 1992

Theme: Walk the graveyard and don't allow to be scared.
Remake of classic table from Pinball Dreams game by Digital Illusions released on Amiga in 1992.

Table layout is optimized for physic version 2.3. You can find altered run file inside archive

Tables of collection Pinball Dreams :
Beat-Box 1.04c
Ignition 1.11
Nightmare 0.99
Nightmare 1.00
Steel Wheel 1.10

Spell „DIE“ to raise multi bonus value

LEFT and RIGHT RAMP increase hour - reach midnight to start „hurry up“ mode

RIGHT PASSAGE collects lit value and „hurry up“ bonus when counting - - - hit „run for your life“ twice in 5 seconds to increase passage value

Both RAMPS, RIGHT PASSAGE, LOWER and UPPER KICKER HOLES give 5M during „hurry up“ mode

UPPER KICKER HOLE collects double bonus and next red bonus when lit

MIDDLE KICKER HOLE collects bonuses when lit - - - collect jackpot during multiball and hit again in 5 seconds to score 50M points

LOWER and UPPER KICKER HOLE advances multiball jackpot multiplier when locked

Spell „RIP“ to light spin bonus - - - collect spin bonus at LOWER HOLE

Trigger all DIG TARGETS to light red bonus and spell next „GRAVEYARD“ letter

Spell „GRAVEYARD“ to double your score

Hit oulane trigger to kick out and save your ball
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