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Psycho Pinball Trick or Treat (Codemaster, 1995)

SS Recreation Video Games FP Psycho Pinball Trick or Treat (Codemaster, 1995) v1.01

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Solid State Machines
by IamMrBongo, Jerry Winter, Sebek74, Slash2084
at 2012-10-02
Type Recreation (videogame)
Editor Codemaster
Date 1995

Theme: Hunt for demons & ghouls during halloween time.
Remake of classic table from Psycho Pinball game by Codemasters released on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1994 and PC in 1995.
Note: Table layout is optimized for physics version 2.3-BM24-N170 (altered ball mass and Newton factor). You can find altered run file inside archive. The table may not work properly with physics 2.3!!!

Tables of collection Psycho Pinball :
Trick or Treat 1.01
Wild West 1.00

Mods of this table :
Zedpinball Physics 1.0: Trick or Treat 1.01

If table fails to run please uncheck Preferences / Editor preferences / Load Image into Table Editor. Don't forget to close and reload the table!

If you have problems with DMD color or font quality, please check Video/Rendering Options / Disable GLSL Shaders option. It should resolve Intel or Radeon GPU issues.
The default SERVICE KEY is "S".
Service mode & subgames are navigated by flippers & launch/start buttons (default shifts, enter/1). Shook Shoot video mode: Center ghost can be shoot with any key on keyboard except flippers nor nudge keys.
High score entry supports all letter & number keys, but you can still navigate with flippers/start buttons.
You can lose your ball in endless ball saver mode mode by tilting the table. High score saving in that mode is not possible.
Have you noticed table bug or issue? Please report it to us via e-mail.

Version info:

1.01 (2012.10.03)

fix: Escape The Crypt: award properly added to players score
Escape The Crypt: acceptation works now with any key not just plunger or start<br><br>

1.00 (2012.10.01)
first version
CAT LETTERS: spell cat to enable broom ride
BROOM RIDE: Ride the broom to multiply bonus or award extra bonus. Ride twice in row to hold bonus.
ZAP LETTERS: spell zap to enable spook shoot video mode at west passage
SHOOT SPOOK VIDEO: shoot all flying ghosts to enable playfield multiplier
PLAYFIELD MULTIPLIER: multiplies all your points dozen seconds
MAZE: spell maze to open cellar
CELLAR SURPRISE: receive a random award from several bonuses
ESCAPE THE CRYPT: follow the coffins to get extra score
MIXTURES: collect all the mixtures at bumper section to commence magic mayhem mode
MAGIC MAYHEM: hit as many glowing targets as possible to get extra score
SPOOK LETTERS: spell all the spook letters at the attic to commence haunt the house mode
HAUNT THE HOUSE: catch all ghosts to clean up the house and award extra score
GHOUL: spell all the ghoul letters at chimney to summon monster at the pit
PIT MONSTER: hit pit to achieve monster award. try to find super pit monster for greater score.
BALL LOCK: lock 3 balls at tree to start multiball
MULTIBALL: hit chimney to lock the ball then enable jackpot award for next several seconds
JACKPOT: hit west passage to score jackpot when enabled. every shot raises jackpot value.
DOUBLE JACKPOT: lock two balls at chimney during multiball to enable double jackpot
EXTRA BALL LIT: collect extra ball at inline or outline passage when xb is lit
ENABLE WITCHCRAFT: Gather decent anount of bonus points to enable witchcraft mode at the end of the game. Use bonus multipliers to raise your bonus value quicker.
WITCHCRAFT: Select one of three challenges to burn the witch: demon slayer, ghost hunter or spellcaster. Each mode requires all targets to be hit to score award. Beware of witch, she will try to stop you with lightning bombs!
DEMON SLAYER: Slay 3 demons at pit to complete the mode. This easier mode gives less points, but only three targets need to be hit. use maze to teleport the ball and hit it using upper flipper to reach the pit easily!
GHOST HUNTER: Hunt 9 ghosts to complete the mode. Beware, the last ghost may escape!
SPELLCASTER: Cast 15 spells to complete the mode. The higher risk mode gives more points but leaves nothing when failed!
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