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Wild West (Psycho, 1995 Codemasters)

SS Recreation Video Games BAM FP Wild West (Psycho, 1995 Codemasters) v1.10

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Solid State Machines
This table is a mod of the original released almost 10 years ago. Most players did not like the main music ( repetitive banjo music). This has been replaced with something less annoying. Fixed non-working bonus scoring lights, improved overall playfield lighting, improved most of the table art. I recommend using BAM to play table to take advantage of lighting features (though not necessary). CFG file included, just remember to move to BAM/CFG folder.

Table rules:
# CARDS: Clear all cards to open casino.
# CASINO: Play black jack or big deal game for extra ball or playfield multiplier activation.
# PLAYFIELD MULTIPLIER: Multiplies all scores by 2, 3 or 5 for tens seconds.
# BUMPERS: Raise current hold up value.
# GUN: Clear gun triggers to open bank for hold up value collection.
# REWARD: Go to ramps and clear trigger banks to raise reward value. Go to horseshoe ramp to spell next reward letter. Collect all letters to activate reward.
# BANK: Collects hold up value or jackpot reward.
# WATER RAMP: Activates engine spelling. Enables bonus held, score bonus and double bonus.
# RODEO: Scores rodeo value and lights the letters of the word engine. Opens tunnel for Dodge The Express when the word engine is lit.
# TUNNEL: Awards bonus held and bonus multiplier or lights extra ball when entered. Play Dodge The Express game when the word engine is lit.
# BULLET: Collects score bonus, double bonus when enabled. Activates bonus multiplier for a few seconds.
# GOLDRUSH: Light all gold letters to enable goldrush mode. Letters are collected at water ramp, rodeo, bank and cards. Score goldrush value at all ramps and trigger banks.
# HORSESHOE: Spells next reward letter, activates goldrush and gives multiball value.
# OUTLAW: Opens mine to collect TNT letters.
# MINE and JAIL: Spell next TNT letter. Light all letters to start multiball mode.
# SIDELANES: Award extra ball when lit.
# NIGHT DUEL AWARD: Award established amount of score to enable extra mode when game completed.
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Insane! I remember the annoying banjo
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Awesome! I love creative tables, and this one is lots of fun!
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