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EM 'What ifs' Lunker (Original) by manitouguy

EM Original Table FP EM 'What ifs' Lunker (Original) by manitouguy v1.00

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Electro-Mechanical Machines
by manitouguy, Popotte
at 2012-09-16
Type Original

Hi all, with the kind approval of Mr. Popotte, original table author for his wonderful recreation of Gottlieb Orbit, i decided to create all new artwork and move some of the playfield lights around to see if i could create an EM table that felt correct for the period. As i am just learning how to handle FP, but am comfortable with art and design, i thought this might be a good way to get my feet wet. Now i have to learn the coding so i can design some truly original 'what if' EM style tables.

At any rate 'Lunker' was inspired by my fond childhood memories of my father and his love of pinball in the '70s, as well as good times spent in NW Ontario Canada where he was raised, memorable hours fishing w my dad, the mystique of legendary pike and muskies and my love of similar stylized pinball art from back in the day ...
this table does not yet have a hud implemented - fyi

Tables of collection EM 'What ifs' :
Lunker 1.00

same rules as original game play for Gottlieb Orbit - no coding from Popotte's work was changed except with his assistance adding a 'match' feature
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