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Farfalla (Zaccaria, 1983) VP921 by Erwin

VP9 Zaccaria SS Recreation Farfalla (Zaccaria, 1983) VP921 by Erwin 2021-09-26

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Farfalla (Zaccaria 1983) VP9.21 by Erwin
IPDB No. 824
Notable Features:
Pop bumpers (4). One 3-bank, two 4-bank, and one 6-bank drop targets. Six flippers (two on the main playfield, two on the upper transparentplayfield, and two outlane-save flippers). Timed "bonus ball". Elevated ball shooter lane. An audio jack located on the cabinet front underneath the ball shooter allows listening to the game via headphones.​
Art by:
Game uses a 1B1165/1 MPU, five 1B13123 (7 Digit) Display boards, a 1B11136 or 1B11136/0 Sound board, a 1B1166 driver board, and a 1B11167/0 Power Supply board.

Farfalla is Italian for "butterfly".

We asked Italian collector Federico Croci about the two versions of backglasses. He replies, "The 'uncensored version' is the usual version, it was sent everywhere in the world, not really in Italy only, and it's featured on the cover of the manual. Story is there was the USA distributor which was afraid about the backglass, and asked it to be 'censored'. But it was produced only for him. So, the 'censored' version is rarer, as it was made for USA only. The graphic on the cover of the manual, though, remained the same. So, one really is the "international version", while the other is for USA only."​
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