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Freedom (Pre-production) (Bally, 1976) by pinballParade

Bally EM Recreation FP Freedom (Pre-production) (Bally, 1976) by pinballParade vFinal

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by pinballParade
at 2012-03-04
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Bally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
Tradename Bally
Date 1975-10
IPD No. 952

Here is Bally's original Freedom. It's the model that made it past white-board and into pre-production stage. The one that Bally took pictures of and printed on their flyers. The one they took to the distributors to get a gauge for the production run... But at the last minute, they scrapped the entire lower playfield and went with a classic flipper set-up. Freedom was released in both SS and EM versions. The EM version had a run of approximately 5000 (As a comparison, only 1500 SS versions were produced).
Change log (from the RC's to final)

Re-built lower play-field. (arcade)
Put the “null” bonus count-down in... if FP = tilted... like Greywolf’s version.
Sped up cam timers... to try and match Greywolf’s version better.
Got rid of the extra-ball disqualification on tilt. They are still tilt happy if you double nudge...
Changed flipper and bumper sounds... added sling sounds. (arcade)
Hardened some of the rubber hardness values.
Fixed a couple of rubbers to look more ‘snug’ around the posts.
Fixed halos showing through the left wood wall.
Fixed some ordering problems.

* For those using an advanced set-up you may still want to bump the power/strength down one notch on the lower pop-bumper... your mileage may vary. (pre-production)
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