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Solid State Machines
by CrimsonTurtle616
at 2011-12-11
Type Original

Go on a mining expedition through the frozen caverns to uncover gems and minerals and other treasures.

TIP: I recommend changing the plungerkey to something close to the flipper keys, so that it's easy to activate powerups. I use the left and right arrow keys as flippers and the down arrow key as the plunger.

(This table MAY have glitches. If you run into some PLEASE let me know what they are and I will try to fix them and eventually release a new version.)
FROST MINE (How to Play):

ICE GRID: Break ice blocks on the grid with the ball to search for precious minerals. In the grid you may find rainbow ore, chemical fuel, frost pearls, and quartz crystals, which are increasingly rarer to find. If Radar 1 is currently activated you may also find multiball jewels.

-Collect 19 rainbow ore to start the Crystal Quest.

-Collect 10 chemical fuel to activate the Chemical Engine.

-Collect 10 frost pearls to reveal the magical frost pearl and have a chance at the jackpot. (Increase the jackpot value by beating games and quests)

-Collect 4 multiball jewels to start multiball mode.

-Quartz crystals do nothing but are worth many many more points than other minerals.


Once you have enough fuel, the Chemical Engine will power on. For 10 seconds you can rev the engine by mashing the flipper keys as much as you want. This will bounce around a black ball inside the engine, hitting triggers worth 500 points each. Get as many points as you can grab!


When you scale the mountain by hitting your ball around the right orbit, you have the chance to hit your ball into one of the powerup kickers. Once you have a powerup you will keep it forever unless you lose your ball or replace it with another powerup.

-Bomb: Set a bomb in the ice grid with the plunger key. When you hit it with the ball you'll get 1000 points and destroy all surrounding ice blocks.

-Freeze Ray: Use the plunger key to fire the freeze ray. This will create solid “blocks of ice” around the board, springing up 12 new targets worth 50 points each. If you destroy all 12 targets you'll get 5000 points.

-Safety Net: Hold the plunger key to set the safety net, which will stop your ball from falling into the drain.

-Super Ice Pick: Hold the plunger key to prep the ice pick. While the key is being held down your ball will drop an entire set of targets in one hit. Instead of having to knock down each individual target one at a time, you can take them all out instantly.

Between the two triangular bumpers you will see four ice platforms. Hitting one of these lights with your ball will light the platform. If you light all four platforms you will activate the ball saver, which will save you from losing your ball for thirty seconds. These lights can be rotated with the flipper keys.

FROST MINE TARGETS (Left part of table):

Hit these targets to reset the ice grid and to light the letters that spell FROST MINE.


Spell out F-R-O-S-T M-I-N-E to light the payoff multiplier. This will double the value of points you receive for selling all your minerals in the payoff kicker.

RADAR TARGETS (Middle of the table):

Knock down both these targets to activate Radar 1. While this is active you will be able to locate multiball jewels.

GAME TARGETS (Middle of table):

Hit all these targets to open the gate to the Games.


-Gem Catch: Catch all the gems in your basket to win. Move the basket with the flipper buttons.

-Cube Crush: Destroy all the blocks of ice as they appear in the grid. Move the pick with the flipper buttons and swing the pick with the plunger key.

-Rime Race: Escape the cavern and avoid obstacles. Move the ship with the flipper buttons.

-Blight Blast: Destroy all the ice spikes with the laser gun. Move the gun with the flipper buttons and fire the cannon with the plunger key.


Turn the roto target at the center of the table with the flipper keys. Depending on which target you hit on the wheel you will set specific games in the queue. To see what game you'll be playing when you hit the game kicker, look at the lights that correspond to the colors of the roto targets. Gem catch is red, cube crush is yellow, rime race is blue, blight blast is green.


Every time you beat one of the mini games or beat a quest you will trigger the bonus game, turning all the ice grid blocks into Bonus Crystals for 10 seconds. Grab as many as you can because they're worth 1000 points each, 100 times the value of normal ice blocks.


If you win all four games you will activate Radar 2. While the radar is active you will be twice as likely to find rainbow ore, frost pearls, chemical fuel, and multiball jewels.


This kicker located right behind the spinner will add charge ammunition. If you have full ammunition already when you hit this kicker you will activate the smart bomb.


While you have ammo, if you hit the plunger key you will blast apart some of the ice blocks in the grid without having to hit them with the ball. One charge will destroy a random 1/8 of the grid. Two charges will destroy a random ¼. Three will destroy half of the grid.

SMART BOMB (Aqua torpedo light in front of Charge Kicker):

If you hit the plunger key while the smart bomb is lit you will destroy everything in the ice grid. *Tip: Use the smart bomb during the Avalanche Quest or Bonus Game.


The kicker in the far left of the table will take you further into the frost caverns, teleporting your ball to the top of the table and dropping it onto the ice plates. It will also help you locate a snowflake in the grid, which are worth 2000-5000 points when you collect them.


There is a large amount of targets at the top of the table. If you destroy all of them it will trigger the Gold Rush quest.


-Gold Rush: When you destroy all of the ice plates you will have the opportunity to find gold nuggets. Blinking yellow arrows will tell you where to sink the ball in order to locate gold nuggets on the ice grid. Hit all four arrow kickers to win Gold Rush before time runs out. Collecting gold nuggets in the grid is worth a lot of points, but not necessary to beat the quest.

-Avalanche: If you turn on all seven blue lights on the peak of the mountain (in the shape of a mountaintop) you will trigger an avalanche. This will cover the ice grid in snow. Clear all the snow panels from the grid before time runs out.

-Crystal Quest: When you collect 19 Rainbow Ore you will trigger the crystal quest. Hit the blinking crystal lights around the table to collect the crystals. Grab all five to beat the quest.

-Multiball: Once you get 4 multiball jewels you will trigger the multiball. Two new balls will come into play. Use them to break the falling stalactites of ice in the grid before they fall to the ground. If you destroy all eight stalactites in time, you beat the quest. And you can keep any extra balls that remain. Hitting kickers are worth a lot more points while you have more than one ball in play.

Beating all four quests will earn you an extra ball!

SWING TARGET (Swinging green target at the center of the table):

Hitting this target will do one of two things. It will either activate the geyser or light the super spinner bulb. Also, if you have activated the chemical engine at least once, hitting the swing target will rev the engine once, resulting in points.


While the super spinner bulb is lit, hitting the spinner will be worth many more points.


If your ball falls into the right in-lane while the geyser is active, the ball will be shot back out from the lane at a very high velocity, and you'll also be given 500 points.


Over time your temperature will drop. You can keep track of your warmth by looking at the gauge along the right in-lane. If it drains completely you will get frost bite, which will deactivate one of your flippers for a few seconds. But you can keep your temperature up by dropping the ball through the left in-lane, which is known as the thermalizer. This will reset the temperature meter. Go through the thermalizer 10 times to activate the Flamethrower powerup.


Hitting the thermalizer ten times will prep the Flamethrower. Hit the plunger key to fire the Flamethrower, which will reset the ice grid and thaw the diamond pond.


At the top of the table you will see a frozen sheet of ice. When you fire the Flamethrower this ice will thaw into a deep cavern pool. In the pool are valuable diamonds that can only be found under water. Dive into the pond to gather these special diamonds. But each dive into the freezing water will lower your temperature a bit. Collect 10 diamonds to get a diamond surplus.


Once you've gotten 10 diamonds from the pond, you will start to find diamonds all over the caves. Blinking, white, diamond-shaped lights will indicate where you need to sink your ball to collect diamonds. Once one diamond is collected another one will appear. Each is worth an increasing amount of points, from 5000 to 20000. Once you collect all of the surplus diamonds the diamond multiplier light will be lit.


This large white diamond light in the very center of the table indicates that once you thaw the pond a second time, each diamond you collect will be worth 10 times as many points.


At the top of the board you will see a circle of colored gems surrounding the ice plates and bumpers. When you strike these stones they will produce a musical pitch. Hit all of them in sequence to play a chord and earn plenty of points!


When you scale the mountain and sink your ball into a powerup kicker, you will climb to the peak of the mountain. Your ball will appear on the upper level of the table.


Your time on the peak is limited. After thirty seconds the diverters on the sides of the upper level will open up, making it much easier to full back down into the caverns. Knocking down all of the targets on the left or the right will reset your mountain time and give you more time on the peak.


Hit one of the blizzard bumpers on the mountain top to light it. Light all four to activate the lava target.


Once you light all four blizzard bumpers a dark orange target will pop up next to the Frost Mine targets at the left of the table (back in the caverns). Hitting this target will give you points, corresponding to how powerful your thermalizer is. For every time you have gone through the thermalizer, the lava target will award you 1000 points when you hit it. If the thermalizer is at full power (10 times, and the Flamethrower ready), the lava target will give you 20000 points.


If you knock down all three targets at the right of the mountaintop (in front of the metal ramp) you will trigger a blizzard. The blizzard bumpers will blink randomly, indicating that they are worth 300 points with every hit, as opposed to just 10. This will last for thirty seconds. The blizzard will also extend your time on the mountain top.


Hitting all three targets at the left of the peak will open up the mystery chasm and extend your time on the mountain top.

MYSTERY CHASM (Far upper left of the table):
When you enter the mystery chasm you will be awarded gifts of increasing value. Every time you enter the chasm you will find a better gift.

1 – 10000 points

2 – Super Saver (Your ball will be safe for two minutes)

3 – 20000 points

4 – Ore (You will find 5 rainbow ore, 3 chemical fuel, and 2 frost pearls)

5 – 30000 points

6 – The jackpot will be increased three times

7 – 40000 points

8 – Double Multiball (You will get an extra ball in play, but this doesn't count as the multiball quest)

9 – 50000 points

10 – x10 multiplier (Everything in the ice grid is worth 10 times as many points, excluding Quartz Crystals and Bonus Crystals.)

Hitting all three of the targets in the center of the mountain top will activate the glaciers. These are three different colored lights on the upper level that will rotate with the flipper keys. Hit one of the glaciers while it's let to get its bonus. Knocking down all three of these targets does NOT reset your time on the mountain top.


The left glacier, when hit, will place an amethyst in the ice grid.


Amethyst stones are purple gems that are worth anywhere from 1000 to 10000 points.


The middle glacier will trigger the special target.


When you hit the blue glacier this yellow target with an exclamation point will pop up. When you hit this target you will be given random free minerals and bonuses. You might get free rainbow ore, chemical fuel, frost pearls, multiball jewels, or you might light Frost Mine letters, or even increase the jackpot.


Hitting this glacier will place a pink heart in the ice grid.


Collecting this precious heart stone will revitalize you. This automatically triple-thermalizes you, resets the ice grid, and activates the ball saver for thirty seconds.

Once you get the blizzard targets out of the way, you will expose a short metal ramp on the upper level. If you shoot the ball up this ramp you will land in the Payoff Kicker. The game keeps track of all the minerals you've collected, and you will keep these minerals even if you lose a ball. When you enter the Payoff Kicker you sell all of these gems and jewels and earn extra points in addition to the points you got when you first collected them. Minerals that you can collect are as follows: Rainbow ore, chemical fuel, frost pearls, diamonds, gold, bonus crystals, and gem stones (which includes quartz crystals, multiball jewels, gems caught from the Gem Catch game, amethysts, and crystals collected from the Crystal Quest). You will also be compensated for the ice you've excavated from the mines. This includes snowflakes collected, cubes destroyed in Cube Crush, stalactites destroyed in multiball, and ice plates destroyed from the Freeze Ray power up or the Gold Rush targets at the top of the table. Once you sell your items the count for all of your haul is reset and you must return to the caves to collect more.

Lighting all of the FROST MINE letters will light the Payoff Multiplier. While this light is lit (aqua circle light in the center of the table) all of your minerals will be worth twice as much when you sell them in the Payoff Kicker. (Values aren't doubled until the end of the sequence. The game will tell you how many points you've earned total and them multiply it by two.)


When you beat all four quests and all four mini games you will prep the final quest. To start this last event you must sink your ball in the “Deeper Into the Caves” kicker at the left of the table. This will cover the grid in thick sheets of ice. At the center of the grid is the mold to a key and locked treasure chest. Your goal is to collect gold to smelt down and pour into the key mold, and then unlock the chest. To find melted gold you must hit the sheets of ice with the ball. But each sheet of ice takes two hits. One hit will only crack the surface. Every other panel in the grid will have gold in it, so half of them will have nothing. Collecting 10 drops of melted gold will form the key. Once the key is molded you must sink the ball once again into the “Deeper Into the Caves” kicker (the blinking key lights will indicate where to shoot the ball). Sinking the ball here will unlock the treasure chest, exposing a gold trophy. Hit this panel of the grid with the ball to collect the trophy and 2000000 points. Once you've done this you have beaten the Frost Mine game. But you can continue to play for more points. All of the quests and mini games will reset, allowing you to start the expedition over again.

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