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Gilligan's Island (Bally, 1991) by cypher80b

Bally SS Recreation FP Gilligan's Island (Bally, 1991) by cypher80b v1.1

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by cypher80b, D_Struct, rom
at 2013-08-31
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Midway Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Incorporated (1988-1999), Chicago, Illinois, USA
Tradename Bally
Date 1991
IPD No. 1004

Based on 'Gilligan's Island' pinball machine by Bally.

cypher80b: Build/Script the table, redraw some plastics.
D_Struct: Make the playfield redraw and some plastics.
rom: Create the Kona model.

Special thanks to bil, dead donkey and leodios262000 for testing the table.

Version 1.1 change log:
* Optimised to play both with original and 2.4/2.5 physics:
- Original: Change table Slope 8.5
- 2.4/2.5: Change table slope to 7.5 - 8
* Update most of the table sounds/speech. (Thanks skolomir for the sound links)
* New back ramp created, to be like the original table.
* Fix a bug where you could start new game when in match award.
* Fix a bug on the jungle run where the award was not increased on multiple ramp shots.
* Add a dmd message when using 'B' to change between 3 and 5 balls.
* Better synchronization of bonus/end of ball dmd animations with sound.
* Better synchronization of lagoon dmd animations with sound.
* Add scoop entry behind "kona mouth" to avoid ball get stacked in Kona.
* Add invisible kicker to help ramp shots.
* Add some missing mechanical sounds.
* Add some missing textures.
* Add backglass GI Lights.
* Include dmd module (DmdModule.vbs) to the table.

Mods of this table :
Zedpinball Physics 1.1: Gilligan's Island HD 1.1
* Use 'B' button to change between 3-Ball and 5-Ball game (Only when not active game).
* Table supports multiplayer games (up to 4 players).
* For Physics 2.4/2.5 change the table slope to 7.5 - 8. For original change to 8.5
* OBJECT: To relieve the Natives Island God, KONA. Do this by collecting all seven ingredients of the Professor's Secret Formula Lava Seltzer. Take the Lava Seltzer through the Jungle Run Trails and get it to Kona. If successful you receive "Kona's Treasure", 50 Million Points!

* L-A-G-O-O-N TARGETS: Completing the Lagoon Targets qualifies the Lagoon for random values. Score one of the following: (150,000), (300,000), (500,000), (750,000), (1 Million), (2 Million), (3 Million), (Multi-Ball), (Bonus Ball) or (Special).

* KICKBACK: Score the lit value when used. Advance the value through the lit Return Lane. Re-light Kickback at top saucer when lit, by using Lane Change Feature.

* GIFT OF GODS: All other players collect 1 Million Points.

* BONUS BALLS: All Bonus Balls are played at end of game.
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