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Grand Casino (J.P. Seeberg Corp, 1934)

VPX EM Flipperless Recreation Grand Casino (J.P. Seeberg Corp, 1934) v1.0a

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Grand Casino (J.P. Seeberg Corp, 1934) VPX v1.0a
IPD No. 4194

10 months of hard work has paid off. This table was requested by "the site that shall not be named" but is allowed to be uploaded there, Pinball Nirvana and Rogue Pinball.

The premise is simple; rack up as much points as possible using the 3,000 hole. Place one or two balls into this hole then hit the "advance hole" to drop the finger gate to allow other balls to be added within the area. Once a ball drops from the 3,000 point area and into the 5,000 point area, those scores are counted. Any ball that enters the "advance hole" returns for a free play.

What seems to be a simple table is far from it; you'll have to nudge to make the balls go where they need to be placed. Nudging is a MAJOR factor to getting the maximum amount of points off of this table.

Rules TXT along with a tribute to J.P. Seeberg TXT are also included in the ZIP file.

I have created a working tilt mechanism with this table and while it may not be perfect, it does the job.

Have fun as this table was really not easy to make considering it uses over 1,100 lines of code and most of that script is just for balls that lower into each hole. Yes, the balls SINK in the holes.
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