Harley-Davidson (Bally, 1991) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Harley-Davidson (Bally, 1991) VP8 v2.1 2020-01-28

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Bally 1991,
IPD No. 1126

Harley Davisdon
Chuck's Guide to the original Bally HD

This pinball, though most wouldn't guess it, is a WPC pinball game. For it's time period, it is a throwback to the old days. There are gates that can be liften to allow loops past the top lanes, but there are no ramps of any kind on the table. This is a good bar pinball, that doesnt' require muhc maintainence. Just the thing for a real harley rider to step up an dplay. The flippers don't need much power to play the game well.

How to score points.

Completing U-S-A lanes (red, white, and blue, with single direction lane change) advances bonusx, which goes up to 6x, and is never reset on factory difficulty. Clearing the lanes at 6x lights outlane extra ball. Thereafter, completing USA gives you a USA bonus that starts at 100k, and increases by 100k each time it is collected, without limit, as near as I can tell. If there is a lot of good bumper action, getting a replay off of the USA bonuses is not out of the question.

There are two sets of drop targets. one bank in the center, (L-E-Y) and one on the far left (H-A-R) completing HAR lights the left spinner for 3k/spin, and completing LEY lights the right. Completing both scores and advances the HARLEY bonus (50k 100k, 200k, 300k 500k)

Then there are the DAVIDSON standups. D is on the very left below the drops, A is between the left orbit and left eject, V is in the same spot on the right, and the rest are along the right wall. Completing DAVIDSON lights the speed bonus at the right eject, a hurryup that starts at 1 million, and increases by 1 million each time collected. Completing DAVIDSON twice on one ball lights the extra ball at the right eject. Jackpot is also lit here, when you travel across America.

The left eject is lit for 25k at start of game. HItting this eject scores and advances the eject hole value (10k,25k,50k,100k,150k+lock) Upon locking a ball, right eject lights for lock. Hitting right eject when lit for lock starts multiball. During multiball, completing HARLEY *and* DAVIDSON scores 5 million, and lights the orbit shots for 1 million each for the rest of multiball. The jackpot is NOT related to multiball. After your first multiball, the eject hoel resets to 10k (no lights)

There is a third eject on the field, this one is below the IDSON standups, and is impossible to shoot directly. A ball can only bounce in by accident. This awards Speed trap ("He's gettin away!", provided it didnt' land in from a weak plunge, a random mystery value. This can be a score bonus, bonus advance, lighting the speed bonus, loosing a tilt warning ("Lemme see your license.. hey, that's a nice bike. now go on. Git!") a traffic ticket (-10k!) or advance city i think. SPeed bonus, traffic ticker, and tilt warning seem to be most conmon. Note that it will ALWAYS award instant multiball if a ball is locked. Locked balls can be stolen in this game. Speed trap is usually awarded only once per ball, but there is a way to relight the speed trap. I'm not sure what it is, though.

Like Fathom, the inlanes are where the outlanes shoud be, and vice versa. The inlanes and outlanes spell B I K E. Lighting BIKE (lane change works here too) spots a city ("Harley spotted in <cityname>"), and scores the BIKE bonus (50k). B and I light the right orbit, and K or E lights the left. Hitting a LIT orbit lets the ball go all the way around the loop, and awards a city+50k, just liek spelling BIKE. It also lights the orbit you just shot for one million ("One Million...."). Shooting an unlit orbit feeds the jets, and lights that orbit. Lit orbits and millions time out after 10 or 15 seconds or so. A ball that goes up a LIT orbit and trickles back down usually awards two cities, depending on speed (one for the return trip) A ball that goes up and down an unlit orbit will award one. Thus weak flippers don't hurt you too much. A clean shot when both orbits are lit will score two cities, and light both orbits for million.

Lighting all cities lights jackpot ("Harley spotted in Laconia, heading for jackpot"). Jackpot has a minimum of 5 million, and is progressively increased by the jet bumpers. Subsequent jackpots are multiplied. Thus you second jackpot is a double jackpot, your third is a triple jackpot, etc. Jackpots are probably the best way to score points. Not to mention the million point shots you'll pick up from loops, and the USA bonuses you'll pick up from the USA lanes.

Hitting an unlit eject hole (other than the left one) gives you a rest stop bonus, which starts at 30k or so and goes up 5k each time. Not very worthwhile, unlike the USA bonus.

There are three basic strategies. Advance cities, and collect jackpots. Spell harley and davidson and score harley bonuses and Speed values. Or play multiball. Mutliball is difficult, but can be very lucrative, and you can still get cities during multiball. you cannot collect harley and speed bonues, though. Still it's worthwhile to learn both eject shots. Even if you hate multiball, you need to shoot the right one to collect speed bonuses and jackpots, as well as the odd Extra ball, and the two are mirror images of each other.
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