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Hazard (Original) by Wyldfox

SS Original Table FP Hazard (Original) by Wyldfox v1.0

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Solid State Machines
by Wyldfox
at 2011-03-27
Type Original

Author(s): Reed Miland (aka. WyldFox)

First Table I created. Basically, it is a toxic waste dump
This is my first table and one for learning the ins and outs of Future Pinball. It is not the greatest, but I did learn a lot from making this table. The game is a basic setup that is themed around a toxic waste dump. It is not the greatest looking table either. I was learning The GIMP at the time too. It can be a tad challenging but fun too. I play this once in a while when I am not working on another table. Yes, I know the name is misspelled in the game.
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