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Heist (Original) by Misaligned Cow Ventu

SS Original Table FP Heist (Original) by Misaligned Cow Ventu v2.1

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by Misaligned Cow Ventu
at 2008-04-01
Type Original

For details, see the included HeistManual PDF document.

Changing Operator Settings

Operator settings available as constants at the very top of the script:

- Keyboard keys to use for Auto Backbox and Power features.
- Initial power-on state.
- 3 or 5 ball game (also see "Changing the Apron" a bit further on).

Look and Feel Settings

All look and feel settings are done using Future Pinball-defined keys, plus
a couple of fixed keys:

- "Special2" key toggles scrolling/fixed camera.
- "Toggle HUD" key toggles... guess.
- "L" key toggles the auto-look-at-backbox feature. (See "New in 1.1".)
- "P" is the mains power switch.

All these settings (except power-on state) will be saved between OXO sessions.

Changing the Apron

If you prefer the 5-ball mode, you may want to switch to an apron with the
correct ball and replay score limits printed on the info card.

The included "Heist-apronpack.zip" file includes both 3- and 5-ball textures
for use as the apron graphic.

To change the apron graphic:

1. Unzip the Heist-apronpack.zip in a harddisk location of your choice.

2. With Heist loaded into Future Pinball, select "Texture Manager" in the
"Table" menu.

3. In the texture list, select "apron" and click re-import.

4. In the file dialog that follows, select your tga file of choice from the
Heist-apronpack and click OK.

5. Save the updated Heist table.
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