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Iron Man (Stern, 2010) by rom

Stern SS Recreation FP Iron Man (Stern, 2010) by rom v2.0 Rapid Loader

No permission to download
by Billpa, Glxb, polygame, rom, SLAMT1LT
at 2012-12-02
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Stern Pinball, Incorporated (1999-NOW), Chicago, Illinois, USA
Tradename Stern
Date 2012
IPD No. 5550

This version is the version as I (rom) play it on my pc. Since the release I never stopped tweaking it and added some stuff. I thought it would be nice if people could have my personal version as well. ;)

Ironman 2.0 Rapid Loader:

-as the title says the table loads faster as the older versions. I may have changed some little details but I don't really remember. I just can't play a table without changing stuff.

This table is a mod of :
Iron Man ULTIMATE 1.04 Physics 2.6
Your download folder contains the table and the library. Just put the entire folder into your FP tables folder and play.
This version should load in 13 seconds and play a lot smoother on almost any computer.

Just the same as the Ironman GOLD version:

There are a few suprises in this version of the game. Let's just say when the Iron Monger is up, anything can happen. Be prepared!


- During Nudge Escape, nudge as fast as you can. Iron Monger will drain your score the longer he holds you!

- The Skill Shot is the right spinner from launch. A carefully timed hit with the left flipper should get it everytime.

- The multipliers do not reset when the ball is lost so make these shots a priority for a massive end of round bonus (the current multiplier is shown on the left side of DMD).


When the table first starts, you will be asked to make your music selection. Use the RIGHT FLIPPER to cycle through the song list and then press the START button to confirm your selection. The table will then proceed to normal Attract Mode. When you're ready to play insert a coin (if you have no credits) and press the START button again.

If you've chosen an AC/DC track, the game will start immediately. If you've chosen the Movie Score track the game will power up first (as Tony puts on the suit).

At the end of the game, press the RIGHT FLIPPER again to change the music choice and press the START button to confirm.

Special Key 1: Cycles the Backglass Artwork (only when the game is in play)
Special Key 2: Cycles the photos on shelf
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