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Johnny Dangerously (Original) by  joeduf

EM Original Table FP Johnny Dangerously (Original) by joeduf v1.0

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Electro-Mechanical Machines
by joeduf
at 2015-12-20
Type Original

This pinball machine is based on the 80's gangster parody Johnny Dangerously. As such, if you find the movie or language within the movie offensive you may want to pass this one by.

This is my first Future Pinball table and first virtual table all together.

This table is mostly original but the layout is partially based on a real physical machine. The layout is based on Cosmic Gunfight. I started this project long before I discovered this website and the Cosmic Gunfight remake (which is awesome). I did not use a single item from the Cosmic Gunfight FP table. I have the original Inkscape artwork to prove my efforts showing what was necessary to layout table components, etc.

The similarities end with the layout. Like the movie, this pinball machine is designed, to be fun, funny, and not taken too seriously.

I hope you all enjoy this table! I've spent most of the final weeks just debugging the multiball code as it ties in with the ball saver, etc. I believe this machine to be bug free. If you discover any issues please let me know. I will do my best to fix them.

Posting before Christmas this year with the hopes that people will have time to play. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Complete the OUT lanes then build up all bonuses (Gambling, Getaway, and Quick Cash) for maximum points.

Completing OUT an 8th time lights BONUS HELD as well hitting the HIDE targets then completing OUT once.

Multiball is difficult but worth it. Once lit and can be retriggered by starting the ball capture sequence again when once one active ball in play remains.

Like any table you will have some good games, some not so good games, and some great ones. Please vote on this table if you enjoy it!

Three balls per game.

Complete OUT lanes to increase bonus multiplier.

Complete HIDE targets then OUT lanes to light Bonus Held.

Complete Gambling Lanes to increase Gambling Bonus.

Complete CASH lanes to increase Quick Cash Awards.

Complete $ Drop Target Banks one time to light Club Money Bonus

Complete $ Drop Target Banks a second time to light Multiball lock.

Shoot Getaway lane to increase Getaway Bonus, to collect Getaway Bonus, and to launch Multiball.

Lots of ways to make money!

Shoot stuff! (Targets, wise guy!)
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